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Very quick delivery. Only had the products for two days so still adjusting to them.
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Anonymous 14.04.2024

This has made a massive difference to my sleep, would definitely recommend.
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E. Dare 14.04.2024

Great product.
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Anonymous 13.04.2024

Second Panda Topper I have bought. First for too firm double bed. Great result. Much more comfy. Now for our king size. Expect a good night's sleep.
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H. customer 13.04.2024

The mattress toppers have revitalised the mattress and are super comfy without any issues of overheating. Definitely recommend!
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Anonymous 12.04.2024

Can wait to try out tonight and have good night sleep🥳
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Anonymous 11.04.2024

I bought my Panda bamboo mattress topper some months ago and it is absolutely wonderful! The only problem is I really don't want to get out of bed in the morning! I used to be a real fidget, thought i...
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K. B 11.04.2024

Quality product very happy. thanks.
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S. 10.04.2024

Really good price for such a good product. My 7 year old daughter absolutely love the pillow and said it was very comfortable to sleep on it. We are definitely getting some adult ones too. Delivery wa...
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B. 10.04.2024

Great and comfortable pillow.
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F. Schinagl 10.04.2024

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