7 Wonders of Bamboo

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 09:56 am

Bamboo is fast becoming the superman of natural resources, and it’s no surprise!

Where to start? The plant comes from the grass family known as Poaceae and is proving quite the catch with the textile industry. Bamboo can be used to make everything from PJs to cuddly kids’ pillows and many more home delights. 

So, what is it about nature’s green miracle the world’s fallen for? Pour a coffee and pull up a chair; here are seven wonders of Bamboo that might turn you into a fan. 

Bamboo forest Background

1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet

Whether you are eco-conscious or becoming more eco-curious, listen up! Bamboo is thought to be the fastest-growing plant on the planet. This makes it a super-duper resource to rely on for our demanding lifestyles. The wonder plant can grow from 3-4 feet per day (and has even bagged itself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records). Choosing sustainable materials allows us all to play a part in protecting our world’s natural resources. This is why many people switch to bamboo for everything from bath towels to kid’s bedding. You see, not only does it grow quicker than your fringe, but it also requires even less maintenance. Just sunlight and water, in fact. And even that, it guzzles a third less than cotton! 

Impressed so far? Wait till you read the rest!

2. The bedbug hero

Not a fan of bedbugs and dust mites? Bamboo is here to save the day…and your bed! The fabric has natural antibacterial qualities superior to cotton, making it a winner if you love fresh bedding. Is there any greater pleasure than jumping into freshly washed sheets? The wonder plant is a particular favourite for little one’s sensitive skin, being hypo-allergenic and nice and gentle. Well, it’s never too early to start sleeping like a hero. And as for us grown-ups, sleeping on soft bamboo bedding has you waking up feeling like one.  

bed in forest

3. Bamboo is natural thermostat

I thought you would like this one! Did you know overheating is the most common culprit stopping us from nodding off… This is why some sleep experts recommend sleeping naked.  PJ’s simply too comfy to ditch? Bamboo can help.

Bamboo has the superpower to wick moisture away from you twice as fast as cotton, working in harmony with your body and keeping you cool naturally.  What about when you are not hot and sweaty? It keeps you snug as a bug like your bedding is supposed to. Making it the perfect fabric for every season… you can tell why Sleeping Beauty loved it!

4. Let Bamboo be thy medicine

When it comes to living a healthier, greener lifestyle, what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we sleep on. And Bamboo can be used for both. Not so fast… before you go chomping on your bedding. To be used as a medicine, Bamboo is made into a juice that can be used to treat anything from stomach ulcers to intestine worms. And those antibacterial qualities can be used for more than fending off bed bugs. The bamboo plant is also used to treat wounds, something to pop in the first aid box! With all the natural, healing benefits, Bamboo is a wonderful addition to every happy home and lifestyle. 

Bamboo Plant Panda London Saving The Planet

5. Bamboo as a musical instrument

Fed up with your Spotify playlist? You might be surprised to know bamboo is often used as a musical instrument. The serene, calm sounds the wonder plant produces are a nod to many ethnic groups’ rich cultural heritage. It is worth considering if you want a natural addition to your playlist. 

6. Breath of fresh air

They do not call it environmentally friendly for anything. Bamboo removes benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air, giving back moisture! This is why Bamboo shoots (and sheets) are becoming increasingly popular. Not just for the plant’s air-purifying qualities. The shoots are also known to bring good luck, so if you are looking for something to jazz up the living room table, take a chance on bamboo; it could be your lucky day. 

7. Opportunity for change

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about bamboo is the opportunity it gives us to change. Our planet has provided us with many amazing resources to facilitate our lifestyles, though the time has come to give back. Please pay more attention to our choices’ impact on the world, from how we brush our teeth to where we lay our heads. Bamboo is the hybrid of luxury and sustainability, offering all the comfort we expect from our home essentials with respect and love for the planet. 

And as a brand looking to make a change, Panda thinks that’s pretty wonderful.