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First I didn’t not received topper on time as Evro always has some issues regarding coming and delivering to correct address! I immediately contacted Panda support and person name is I think Nenad sent another one but he forgot mattresses protector (I hope they will see my email soon 😪) . I received new send in two days and 1st original order in email they said they delivered it but they didn’t,even I saw picture but not my door. I will post pictures later because I opened topper and advised to leave it 12 h but will give it 24 before putting on the bed. I hope I’ll be able to edit review to post pics and hope that someone will see my email so I can get other part of order soon !
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S. Patrcevic 29.02.2024

Stunning and love that smell 😍 thankyou
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E. 29.02.2024

Mattress topper is excellent, would recommend.
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P. 29.02.2024

Bought the memory foam bamboo pillow and it’s great, I get a good nights sleep and finally no neck pain. Will be buying another one.
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V. 28.02.2024

I bought a set of bedding and was not at all disappointed. There are ties in the corners of the duvet cover to keep your duvet in place, and the feel of the bedding is the most silky and luxurious fee...
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L. 28.02.2024

So comfy, would highly recommended
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C. 28.02.2024

I've been soo excited for my Panda stuff and I was not dissapointed! I'll review each thing. Towels: A-MA-ZING. I didn't expect to love them as much but this is probably my favorite item of everyth...
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I. 28.02.2024

Mega, great buy!
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S. Taylor 28.02.2024

Love it...have bought six so far!
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C. Ives 28.02.2024

In the short time I've used the mattress topper it has improved my sleeping pattern
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Anonymous 27.02.2024

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