Register for the guarantee

If you ordered directly from this website, then you do not need to register for the guarantee as you’re automatically enrolled for the eligible products.

We are confident that you will enjoy many years trouble-free, as all our products are manufactured to the highest standards. However, sometimes even the most well-engineered products can occasionally have faults. If that’s the case, then no need for concern as your product has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee.

We know you’ll be happy with your Panda product(s), but for complete peace of mind, we offer the following guarantees on Panda products.

Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows: 10 Years

Hybrid Bamboo Mattress: 10 Years
Mattress Toppers: 10 Years
Duvets: 5 Years
Mattress Protector: 2 Years

Please note the replacement plus shipping will be covered by Panda, and the postage cost to return the product (s) would be covered by the customer.

We require the product (s) to be returned to us before a replacement is shipped.