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There is no greater feeling than coming out of a steamy bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a lush Panda Towel. Gorgeously fluffy. Silky-to-touch. Gentle on your skin. This unique and lavish bamboo-cotton blend is ultra-absorbent and naturally antibacterial. But mainly it’s sublimely soft, the best you can get. Let the towel soak-up your stresses, whilst you enjoy the cosiness and think about getting dressed. But not just yet.   Available in Pure White and Urban Grey in all sizes

Size Chart

When it comes to ordering towels, you might be confused about the different sizes, which is why we have created our handy size chart.

We highly recommend referencing the size chart before ordering to ensure you're ordering the correct size.


Hand Towels90 x 50 cm
Bath Towels135 x 70 cm
Bath Sheets150 x 100 cm
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Zero Twist

Soft and fluffy

Eco Friendly Bamboo

Ultra absorbent

Odour resistant


Panda London Bamboo Towels Folded Pure White and Urban Grey

Creating a towel that feels like cashmere

We have created the softest towel you can buy. But it wasn’t easy. First, we had to find the perfect partner for our silky-smooth bamboo. Combined, the material had to be both fluffy and durable to make the ultimate towel.

Long staple cotton 

We left no stone unturned, searching all around the world for an alluring suitor for bamboo. We eventually found it in an exceptional form of combed cotton called ‘long staple’. It’s the most exquisitely refined cotton you can get, softer, stronger and sleeker than ‘normal’ thread. That’s because it has been elaborately processed before being spun into yarn. A perfect match for our natural bamboo! The result is magnificent – an absorbent and durable towel that feels like cashmere, weighs a substantial 600 gsm and stays fluffy and soft, wash after wash.

Panda London Bamboo Towel Grey Texture

Naturally soft; fluffy by design

Bamboo material is naturally incredibly soft. We wanted to make sure it stayed that way when we spun it into a towel. 


This is the gold-standard in luxury towel-making, and it only works with the strongest, smoothest fibres, like bamboo and long-staple cotton. The loops on the towel are left open – they don’t need to be twisted or spun multiple times for durability. This makes the Panda Towel less dense than ‘ordinary’ towels, so it stays fluffy for longer. It’s gorgeously soft and gentle on your skin, and won’t go hard or ‘crispy’ when it dries. It feels light, with more space for air between the loops, and more room for water, so it’s super-absorbent too. 

Panda London Bamboo Bath Towels Rolled Up On Shelves

Our bamboo

Bamboo is an organically grown wonder-plant that grows up to three feet a day, providing high yields per acre, saving land. Our bamboo is sustainably grown in managed forests, meeting the highest social and environmental standards. It requires a third less water than cotton to thrive and doesn’t need pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. 

We love bamboo because it’s:

• Naturally antibacterial, so it’s odour-repellent, which is perfect for towels that are used many times before being washed 

• Hypoallergenic, so gentle on sensitive skin

• Grown organically, with no pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals

Panda London Three Bamboo Towels Hanging

Hanging straps

It’s annoying when towels fall into a soggy crumpled heap on the floor. Panda towels have a handy strap sewn into the outer-seam, so they will stay put wherever you hang them.

green plant growing
OEKO TEX Logo Confidence In Textiles Made In Green For Panda London

Eco-friendly, socially friendly

We make sure of our bamboo’s eco-credentials by only sourcing from approved forests. And we do all we can to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of the product’s lifecycle, from forest to front door. We insist on the highest standards of social care for our people and the communities we operate in.

✓ Ethically sourced from organic bamboo
✓ Grown pesticide free
✓ Vegan-friendly
✓ Delivered in recycled and recyclable box

Panda’s Bamboo Towel range meets the prestigious Oeko-Tex Made in Green standard, which guarantees that this product has been manufactured using sustainable processes under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions.

Every thread and dye within our products is regularly and rigorously tested to check there’s no trace of harmful substances and certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

No harmful chemicals are used in the dying of our products.

The small print

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    Free UK delivery

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    • Standard UK delivery is 2-3 working days and free for orders over £30
    • Next day and Saturday delivery options
    • Shipping worldwide
    • This item is not eligible for the 30-night trial due to our hygiene policy

  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

    1-year guarantee

    More Details

    Our products are designed and manufactured so they are easy to care for and last a long time. We have paid attention to every detail to ensure quality and comfort. If you are not entirely satisfied please let us know! All of our towels comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects of any kind.

  • Small print Icon

    Material details

    More Details

    Designed in London, England. Made in China.
    • Material: 65% combed long-staple cotton and 35% bamboo
    • Feel: fluffy, soft and lush
    • Weight: 600 GSM

    • Bath Sheet: 100 x 150 cm
    • Bath Towel: 70 x 135 cm
    • Hand Towel: 50 x 90 cm

  • Easy To Clean Care memory foam

    Care instructions

    More Details

    Our bamboo towels are easy to care for, without hurting the planet.

    • Wash low at 30 degrees. We recommend using eco-friendly detergents. Do not use bleach
    • Line-drying is best for the environment. But if you must, tumble dry once every couple of months. The towels will re-fluff nicely
    • Cut loose threads – don’t pull

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