100-Night Trial

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Pro

We’re sure after one night on your Panda Hybrid Mattress Pro you’ll love it more than Pandas love bamboo. Though sometimes romance takes time. We give you a 100-Night Trial to adjust and get use to your mattress with complete peace of mind.  If you do decide to return your mattress (which we doubt you will) there’s no need to lose a wink of sleep.

Breathable Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

Ready for that exciting first night?

Simple steps to getting your mattress ready for bedtime

To make the most of your 100-Night Trial, here are top tips for getting to know your mattress:

✓ Before you dive in, allow your mattress to breathe for at least six hours so that the foam can expand, maximising the new mattress joy of your first night.

✓ Get ready for bed. Before you slip into your favourite PJs, why not perfect bedtime with our fluffy and oh-so soft Cloud Duvet, Bamboo Bedding and head-hugging Bamboo Pillows.

✓ The best things take time. Allow yourself a few nights to properly adjust and get use to the orthopaedic support, breathability and comfort of your new mattress.

30-Night Trial

Make bedtime perfect with the full range 

Dive into dreamy nights with our memory foam mattress toppers, pillows & bedding sets. They all come with a 30-Night Home Trial to keep you sleep soundly

Trial Hybrid Bamboo Pillow

Panda Bamboo Pillows

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Linens & Bedding

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Mattress Toppers

Panda Cloud Duvet Listing Images Super King

The Cloud Duvet

Trial Panda London Kids Duvet scaled

Panda Kids Products

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Mattress Protector

Sweet dreams are waiting 

We’ve got your back from the very first night.

✓ 98% of our customers decide to keep their Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow & Mattress Topper.

✓ If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply get in contact and we’ll deal with the rest.

✓ We go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional products you can rely on. We team that with our superstar team of customer support experts. They are at the end of the phone, by online chat or their inboxes to help you with any questions you have on returns and refunds.

Please note the 30-Night Trial is exclusive to purchases through our website. Free returns are only available within the UK. For other sellers, please refer directly to their returns policy.

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