Giving back

We collaborate with charities around the world to support and protect communities, wildlife and people in need.

Single Homeless Project

SHP works to prevent homelessness. It helps vulnerable and socially- excluded people across London, transforming their lives. SHP champions well-being and offers support and counselling services, shelters and assisted living accommodation.

SHP preventing homelessness transforming lives | Panda London Charity
Panda London JOY Joining Old and Young Logo

JOY (Joining Old and Young)

JOY brings pre-school children and senior citizens together to enhance their well-being and happiness. Respect, empathy and compassion are JOY’s core values. Both age groups thrive on the experiences they share.

Something to Look Forward To

To help lift the spirits of people with cancer and aid their recovery, this charity provides them and their families with trips away, restaurant vouchers, tickets to shows and luxury items to be enjoyed at home.

Something To Look Forward To Org UK | Panda London Charity
Panda Eating Bamboo Plant | Panda London Charity


We’re really fond of pandas (you’d never have guessed!). Like us, they are rather keen on bamboo. So we regularly donate to animal charities that protect and preserve pandas and their natural habitats. With nearly double the population of panda bears existing in the wild as twenty years ago, these bears are no longer considered ‘endangered’ and the species was upgraded to ‘vulnerable’ in 2016.