Privacy policy

1. What is this Privacy Policy for?

This privacy policy is for this website which is served by Panda Life Ltd. and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it. We will refer to ourselves as “Panda” “Panda Life” “Panda Life Ltd.” “us”, “we” or “our” throughout this Privacy Policy.

The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website, and website owners. Furthermore, the way this website processes, stores, and protects user data and information will also be detailed in this policy. Please note that we treat all customer information with great care and never sell customer data without prior consent.

2. Information We Collect

(2a) Data we collect from the information you provide

At Panda, we take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of our users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies with all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

When purchasing an item from Panda Life Ltd. (, we collect the following pieces of your information:

  • Email Address: refer to (3a)
  • Full Name (Information necessary to deliver the goods)
  • Phone Number (Information necessary to deliver the goods)
  • Billing Address (Information necessary to deliver the goods, invoicing, etc.)
  • Delivery Address (Information necessary to deliver the goods)
  • IP Address (This information is used for security purposes, mainly by our payment gateway partners.)
  • Item(s) purchased

(2b) Payment Information

Upon purchasing an item from, customers are asked for payment information to complete the order. All banking information is processed by third-party payment gateways and nobody at Panda Life Ltd. can access or preview this information.

If an order is placed over the phone, we confirm that none of the banking information is stored and that our phone calls are not recorded.

(2c) Data we collect from using our site

  • IP Address
  • Information on what you buy and how you use the Site.
  • Your communications on our website.
  • Other information related to your activity, such as which website referred you to us.

(2d) Information we collect from other sources

We may utilize information about users from third-party sources. For example, by registering and using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Depending on the network rules and your settings, information may be transferred to third-party companies such as Panda. This information may include data such as your date of birth, household income, marital status, gender, and other information. This information is typically processed via an algorithm and in most cases, we (Panda Life Ltd.) do not have access to this information provided by these networks. This information is utilized on their networks to show you relevant advertisements.

(2e) Sensitive Personal Data

The Data Protection Act is the use of your sensitive personal data. For example, information such as your sexual orientation, religion, race, or ethnic origin. We at Panda will never request any sensitive information of this nature. Typically, we do not require any information of this type to provide our services.

3. How your Information is used


(3a) How we use your email address

With your consent, we may send you updates in reference to new products and company announcements via the email that you provided in your order or on our sign-up page.

When an individual registers for an account on our website, an email will be sent to you notifying you of your registration details.

After a customer has placed an order on our website, ( to confirm the new order for your personal records and to update you on the status of the order.

If an order has been attempted, we may contact you to inform you that the order was not successfully placed.

Once your order has been placed, you may receive an email asking you to review our products & services. These may be sent either by ourselves or a third-party partner.

Ensuring customers are satisfied with their purchase and customer support received, we may contact you regarding reviews you have submitted.

(3b) Commercially

Information may be shared with third-party partners so that we can display relevant advertisements and offers. Panda adverts may also be displayed on other websites to those who viewed specific Panda products on our website.

Panda may use or display the information collected strictly for marketing and advertising our website and products. However, sensitive personal data will never be used in our marketing and advertising activities. A customer’s first name may be used if a review has been given on any of our products.

  • Processing Online Orders

In order for us to process your order, we do share necessary information with third-party companies such as couriers.

(3b) Information provided to couriers:

  • First name (Used to identify recipient)
  • Last name (Used to identify recipient)
  • Email address (delivery partners may contact you with updates regarding the status of your parcel(s).)
  • Phone number (delivery partners may contact you with updates regarding the status of your parcel(s).)
  • Shipping address (Used to deliver the parcel(s).)
  • Order number (Used as a reference by Panda)

(3c) Sharing Data

Personal data may be securely shared with third-party companies to allow us to operate our website. This includes both corporate, and statutory purposes or part of a partnership. All third-party companies which receive personal data from Panda are to treat this information with care. Referring specifically to the Data Protection Act 1998 and other laws in the UK and this policy.

Accepting our Terms & Conditions gives Panda Life Ltd. consent to share data with trusted third-party partners.

(3d) Affiliates

In some situations, your personal information may be shared with affiliates of Panda. In the majority of cases, only the order number is shared, however, if an affiliate or Panda questions the legitimacy of the order your information may be securely shared.

4. Contact & Communication

Users contacting this website and/or its owners do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use, as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form for the email submission process but advise users using the such form for email processes that they do so at their own risk.

This website and its owners use any information submitted to provide you with further information about the products/services they offer or to assist you in answering any questions or queries you may have submitted. This includes using your details to subscribe you to any email newsletter program the website operates but only if this was made clear to you and your express permission was granted when submitting any form to the email process. Or whereby you, the consumer, have previously purchased from or enquired about purchasing from the company a product or service that the email newsletter relates to. This is by no means an entire list of your user rights in regard to receiving email marketing material. Your details are not passed on to any third parties.

5. Email Newsletter

This website operates an email newsletter program, used to inform subscribers about products and services supplied by Panda. Users can subscribe through an online automated process should they wish to do so but do so at their own discretion. Some subscriptions may be manually processed through the prior written agreement with the user.

Subscriptions are taken in compliance with UK Spam Laws detailed in the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. All personal details relating to subscriptions are held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No personal details are passed on to third parties nor shared with companies/people outside of the company that operates this website. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you may request a copy of personal information held about you by this website’s email newsletter program. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to the business address at the bottom of this policy. Email marketing campaigns published by this website or its owners may contain tracking facilities within the actual email. Subscriber activity is tracked and stored in a database for future analysis and evaluation. Such tracked activity may include the opening of emails, forwarding of emails, the clicking of links within the email content, times, dates, frequency of activity, etc.

This information is used to refine future email campaigns and supply the user with more relevant content based on their activity. In compliance with UK Spam Laws and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, 2003 subscribers are given the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time through an automated system. This process is detailed in the footer of each email campaign. If an automated unsubscription system is unavailable, clear instructions on how to unsubscribe will be detailed instead.

6. External Links

Although this website only looks to include quality, safe and relevant external links, users are advised to adopt a policy of caution before clicking any external web links mentioned throughout this website. (External links are clickable text/ banner/image links to other websites).

Panda Life Ltd. cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite our best efforts. Users should, therefore, note they click on external links at their own risk, and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

7. Social Media Platforms

Communication, engagement, and actions taken through external social media platforms that this website and its owners participate in are custom to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies held with each social media platform respectively.

Users are advised to use social media platforms wisely and communicate/engage with them with due care and caution in regard to their own privacy and personal details. This website nor its owners will ever ask for personal or sensitive information through social media platforms and encourage users wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact them through primary communication channels such as by telephone or email.

This website may use social sharing buttons that help share web content directly from web pages to the social media platform in question. Users are advised before using such social sharing buttons that they do so at their own discretion and note that the social media platform may track and save your request to share a web page respectively through your social media platform account.

8. Shortened Links in Social Media

This website and its owners through their social media platform accounts may share web links to relevant web pages. By default, some social media platforms shorten lengthy URLs [web addresses] (this is an example:

Users are advised to take caution and good judgment before clicking any shortened URLs published on social media platforms by this website and its owners. Despite the best efforts to ensure only genuine URLs are published many social media platforms are prone to spam and hacking and therefore this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any shortened links.

9. Your Consumer Rights

(9a) Access

Customers may request information held by Panda Life Ltd. at any time. You can contact us directly via email:

You have the right to contact us to update, correct, or remove any information we hold. All data that we hold is portable, this means that you are able to move your data from us and transfer it to a different provider.

You do have the right to request that we at Panda erase any personal information we hold. If you would like to exercise these rights, you can do so by contacting us using the details below.


Tel: +44 (0) 208 935 5380

Fax: +44 (0) 203 002 7211

When contacting Panda Life Ltd. please specify:

  1. what personal data you’re concerned about
  2. which rights do you wish to exercise

You may be asked several security questions in order to access your account and exercise the rights featured above. Example question: “Confirm delivery postcode”, “Confirm full name on the account” etc. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

10. Resources & Useful Information



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