Baby Muslins

When it comes to ordering baby muslins, you might be confused about the different sizes, which is why we have §created our handy size chart! Whether the smaller or larger squares are right for you and your little Panda depends on what they will be used for.

If you are looking for easy-to-wash, gentle, soft muslins for feeding, mopping up mess and playtime our smaller squares are perfect. 

If you are looking for a larger comforter for swaddling your baby to sleep, wrapping them up on the move, or using as a snuggly blanket our larger swaddles will keep them calm and snug. 

For more on what our bamboo baby muslins can be used for and ways to look after them, head to our blog for everything you need to know. 

We highly recommend referencing the size chart before ordering to ensure you’re ordering the correct size.


Muslin SizeSize
Squares70 x 70 cm
Swaddles120 x 120 cm