A Simple Full Moon Ritual to Manifest Your Dreams

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 02:01 pm

What is it you’re dreaming of? Whether its a new love, change of career or simply getting a better night’s sleep, which many of us struggle with, the full moon’s magical energy could help it come true. Here is a simple ritual you can do at home to harness the mystical powers of our beautiful moon.

What is a full moon?

A full moon is the stage of the lunar cycle where the moon’s energy is at its strongest. Most years, we have 12 full moons, though sometimes we have thirteen, where one of these will be a blue moon. During a full moon, the moon graces the sky with a golden circle of light; you might see people posting on social media, sharing its beauty. Though what is so special about this lunar energy, and how can you tap into its magic to manifest your dreams?

During a full moon, you may find it a little harder to drift off and experience abundant energy. This time, where the Sun, Moon and Earth are in perfect alignment, casts a mood of heightened intensity in emotions and energy. It is a sacred time to let go of things that are no longer serving you and welcome new beginnings.

The full moon ritual to manifest your dreams

This can be done at any part of the day, though it’s best embraced when you are calm and ready to relax. Try making it part of your bedtime routine, the release may help you let go of overwhelm and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

1. Create your sacred space

This can be anywhere that makes you feel calm and centered, try and sit on the floor to connect with the Earth’s energy and have something to represent each of the most powerful elements – Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Something as simple as a flower in a pot of water, a feather reflecting the floating of air and your favourite candle representing the strength of fire is enough. Feel free to choose whatever resonates with your energy and makes you feel grounded.

Take a few moments to drop into your space and then get ready to let go.

2. What do you want to let go of?

Time to do the deep work. What is it you want to let go of? Maybe it’s constantly worrying about things that will likely never happen, what other people think of you or being judgmental of others. Ask yourself what is holding you back? Write them down in clear sentences, for example “I am going to stop saying yes to everything” or “I am going to stop being afraid of meeting new people”. Breathe, let go and clear the path to dance with new possibilities.

3. Set your Intentions

Now, welcome to the new. What are you ready for? What does your heart desire? However small, silly or huge it feels, write it down and let the moon in on your heart’s wishes. Be as clear and specific as you can. The powerful lunar energy is clearing your path and lighting up your dreams. You know what they say about those that don’t believe in magic… they never find it.

4. Reflect on your intentions

After you have released what is no longer serving you, set clear full moon intentions of what you want to welcome and drop into a serene, peaceful space – take some time to reflect. Allow your mind to be quiet and imagine yourself in the position that the moon has manifested all that you wish for. Write anything down that comes up, emotions, feelings and thoughts that you may want to come back to later.

What else can you do harness the moon’s energy?

Congratulations, now that you have completed a full moon ritual you have started the journey of harnessing the moon’s powerful energy. You may notice you begin to feel more positive, lighter in mood and mind and enjoying a dreamier sleep. Though, what more can you do? To learn more about the other rituals you can do throughout the lunar cycle, such as a New Moon ritual there are plenty of books on Moonology and resources you can find online.

Working with the moon is a natural, magical way to release overwhelm and explore the dreams and wishes in your heart. A little like us here at Panda with our wonderful Bamboo Bedding, the moon is a gift in the sky that is here to make Sweet Dreams come true.

May the moon’s magic be with you.

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