Black Friday 2023: Top Tips on How to Shop and Find the Best Deals

Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 02:00 pm

Wahoo, if there is one thing to cheer us up as the temperature drops, it’s knowing that Black Friday is around the chilly corner. It’s the perfect time to buy those things you’ve been dreaming of all year. From a luxurious new mattress and beautifully soft bedding to a fluffy winter duvet – Black Friday is a chance to save big. Before you rush out into the madness, take a read of these top tips on how to shop and find the best deals.

When is Black Friday 2023? 

Diaries at the ready; these are dates you definitely want to make a note of. This year, Black Friday sales will run from the 24th to the 27th of November; worried you may forget? Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive access to our top deals and a reminder before our sale closes. The highly anticipated day follows Thanksgiving and traditionally started in America, being brought over to the UK by Amazon in 2010. Retailers quickly followed suit, giving their consumers a chance for big savings and irresistible offers on their top products.

BlackFriday presents

How can you make the most of Black Friday?

While the sparkly sales of this exciting time of year can pull you in all directions, it’s best to have a clear idea of what you really want and need. Otherwise, you can wake up with a post-shopping hangover and piles of stuff you know you won’t use as much as you thought you would when you pressed order. Oops. Here are our top tips for making the most of Black Friday and buying products you will love.

1. Make a Black Friday wish list

Simple and effective. Pour a cuppa, get cosy and make a list of the items you really need right now. Does your mattress need an upgrade? Would a more supportive pillow help you sleep better? Could the bathroom do with some stylish, fluffy Bamboo Towels? Putting pen to paper can give you some space and time to know exactly what it is you want to shop for when the buzz of the sales kicks off.

2. Phone a friend

We all have that one friend who can stop us from buying the wrong thing; I’m not sure if you really need that mini spaceship for your living room. Call that friend; they will keep you on track and guide you towards the purchases that will have you smiling all Winter.

3. Think about Christmas

Black Friday is a great opportunity to start buying those Christmas presents. Having your Christmas list ready before the sales start can help you make big savings on the present your loved ones will adore and get those stockings filled.

4. Choose practical over impulse

It is easy to get swept along by the hype of big discounts and make impulse buys just because something is 60% off. When shopping, try and act on logic over impulse and think how often you will use a product before it reaches the checkout.

5. Set a budget

Finally, setting a budget is a great way to ensure you do not go overboard on Black Friday. While there may be some occasions where a deal comes along so irresistible that it is worth going slightly over – having a budget in mind will make sure you get the products you really want at the prices you really want them.

Where can you find the best 2023 Black Friday deals? 

Your favourite brands will likely have their Black Friday sale live online and in-store. Make sure you visit the websites in the lead-up to Black Friday and are signed up for newsletters to be the first to know when they start and enjoy any exclusive discounts. Our Black Friday sale is set to start on the 24th of November, 2023, and will feature our top products. You will have a chance to save big on everything from our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress, award-winning Pillows, Topper, Bamboo Bedding and more. Whether you’re upgrading the bedroom or dreaming of a better night’s sleep – our Black Friday deals will set you all for a super cosy winter.

Good luck and Sweet Dreams

Snuggle into the Black Friday sale