Timing Your Purchase: Expert Advice on When to Buy a Mattress

Last updated on June 4th, 2024 at 02:41 pm

Buying a new mattress is a big investment – and with the cost of living crisis impacting us all in some way, it can be hard to know when to make these big purchases that are more than you might usually spend. But you can never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep, so it’s an investment worth making. The timing of your purchase can impact pricing, availability, any offers and so on – so get comfortable as we explore, in this article, the right time to buy a mattress for maximum benefit.

Understanding the mattress industry’s sales cycle

It’s always worth trying to ensure your mattress purchase coincides with a sale or promotion. The mattress industry, like many other industries, follows a sales cycle that is influenced by holidays, seasons, events and more. The London Sleep Coach Edward Gorst says, “Major mattress sales periods in the UK typically occur during public holidays like Easter, Black Friday, and the New Year. Retailers also often offer discounts during specific events such as their anniversary or seasonal clearance sales.

Other key dates when retailers might have sales on mattresses include Bank Holiday weekends, back-to-school season, and Christmas. Prices will rise and fall, and it’s worth being smart about knowing when products will be on sale. Our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Pro, for example, is only on sale during specific periods of the year – but when?

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The best times of year to buy a mattress

Okay, so there are the generic times of year when mattresses might (and probably will) be on sale. But we can definitely look a little deeper at this! Holiday/seasonal sales come around every year, be that Easter or Christmas or the ever-growing Black Friday. But some of these sales will be bigger than others – Easter isn’t quite as popular for buying gifts as Christmas is, so it stands to reason that you might get more of a bargain in the festive period. This, of course, includes Black Friday. What was once an all-American bonanza of super cheap TVs and mile-long queues to be the first to get cut price wrapping paper has now turned into a global weekend of sale prices. The UK mattress industry is no stranger to that, and you’ll often find some of the best prices at this time of year.

However, as Edward Gorst mentions, “While Black Friday may have flash sales and doorbusters, New Year sales might provide more extended deals.” This is worth bearing in mind, too, as you don’t want to miss out on the best prices! The end of the financial year can also be a time for sales as brands try to clear out old stock – equally, look out for new product launches. Retailers will often need to make room for new inventory if they’re bringing out a new product or an updated version, so this can be when you notice discounts on mattresses.

How seasonal changes influence mattress sales

The changing of the season is a key time for mattress brands and retailers to put their products on sale; human nature dictates that a new season is a chance to make a change of some sort, to invest in ourselves, or to make big decisions. Companies know this, so they will look to give you a good deal when you might be purchasing anyway!

These seasonal changes are also often used as an opportunity to release new mattress models. Edward suggests, “There isn’t a specific season for new releases; however, often manufacturers may introduce updated models or technologies around spring or early summer.” If brands are looking to release a new model, then, as mentioned, this is usually a time when they are trying to clear some space to house new stock. The good news for you is that to do so, they will usually look to reduce the price of their current mattress stock.

Tips for finding deals throughout the year

So yes, there is a pattern when it comes to the times of year a mattress might be on sale for a discounted price. But you can’t take it as a given and want to be on top of things! If you know that you’re due a new mattress around the end of the year, follow your favourite brands or retailers on social media beforehand – then, when they announce the sale, you’ll know about it.

In addition to this, it’s worth signing up for brand newsletters. Not only is this where sales are typically first announced, but you might get an incentive for signing up, such as 10% off your first purchase. There might be other perks for customers who are signed up for newsletters, and you could get your hands on some sneaky discount codes that don’t end up elsewhere!

Another top tip is shopping around. If you have a brand in mind, check the price both in physical stores and online as well as on marketplaces as well as on the brand’s own website. You might find it’s on sale in one place but not the other.

Online vs. In-store purchases: Timing and offers

The timing of offers can be very different when you’re shopping online vs in-store. For example, certain sales will be online only – like Cyber Monday! This is the Monday after Black Friday and is a one-day online extension to the big sale weekend. But brick-and-mortar stores are more likely to have clearances to make room for new stock, as they’re frequently changing things around. You might see exclusive online discounts, which is why it’s worth following brands on social media or being subscribed to newsletters.

Flash sales apply both online and in-store, but you’re more likely to hear about online flash sales as they’ll be sent straight to your inbox – or you’ll just notice while scrolling. You’d have to be visiting or at least driving by a store to know about their flash sale, for the most part.

There is one more benefit of shopping in-store and that’s negotiation. The face-to-face aspect of physically entering a store and shopping there, rather than online, means that you can have a conversation with the salesperson in order to get the very best deal possible. This usually isn’t applicable to shopping online! You might be able to negotiate free delivery from the store to your house, or money off ex-display models and so on.

Preparing to make your purchase

Before you actually start shopping around for the best deal, here’s a checklist of what you need to have in mind:

  • Your budget

  • The type of mattress you want (memory foam, hybrid, innerspring etc)

  • What size mattress you need

  • Any material preferences

And then when you do find the deal you want, make sure you read the small print! Check delivery and returns policies, any warranties, free trial periods and more. This way you know exactly what deal you’re getting, and what price you’ll be paying.

Another tip to consider is this one from sleep coach Edward Gorst about knowing whether it’s a good deal or a low price because the product isn’t that good: “Differentiating between a good deal and a low-quality product involves considering factors beyond price. Look for reputable brands, read customer reviews, and check product specifications such as materials and warranties. A lower price might be tempting, but comfort and durability are crucial. Good quality sleep is really important, so try to remember this before buying a poor quality cheap mattress.

When should you buy a mattress?

When making such a large purchase, it’s important to know when to make the investment. Think about common sale times, and aim to be ready to buy at these times – whether that be Black Friday, the New Year, between seasons or at another point when the industry tends to hold sales. Think about the strategies in this article: being signed up for newsletters, following brands on social media, and comparing prices between online and in-store. You deserve to have a good night’s sleep every night, and the right mattress can help with that.

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