Five Ways to Show Dad he is the Best This Father’s Day

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 12:40 pm

Life is so busy we don’t have much time to stop and appreciate the people who mean the most to us. Especially our awesome Dads! They are always there to pick us up when something goes wrong and remind us how strong we are. If there is ever a day to show them how much they mean to us, it’s Father’s Day. If you are stuck for a way to show your dad he’s your hero, here are five ways to light up his heart and put a big smile on his face this year.

1. Book a trip

Ok, with work, parental duties and so many rules around travel, Barbados may be out of the question. Though a simple trip somewhere meaningful can be a great way to hang out with your hero and spend some quality time together. Maybe it’s revisiting somewhere you used to go in childhood or taking him to that show he’s been hinting at for a while. Even jumping in the car for a road trip with his favourite songs will make his day one to remember, just pop on the radio and take a drive someplace special.

2. Give him a break

Dads have much to do; being a hero is no easy role. From fixing well.. everything to making us laugh with their silly jokes, they really do make everything better. All that hard work deserves a rest, and when better than Father’s Day to treat them to a break? An award-winning bamboo memory foam pillow is just the thing to help him unwind. And with a well-rested Dad- there is more fun to be had! Memory foam provides just the right support and comfort heroes need to wake up ready to dad.

Guy hugging Hybrid Bamboo Pillow Xmas

3. Say the three magic words

We expect a lot from our dads; they are used to “Can I have” or “Could you just?” why not surprise them on Father’s Day with three words from the heart? When was the last time you said, “I love you”? He would like nothing more with his morning cuppa than those three magic words. Whether by phone call, card or with a big cuddle, telling him how much you love him will mean more than anything this year and beyond. Light up his heart with a message from yours.

4. Watch his favourite movie

Whether he loves Bond or a western, popping on his favourite movie for a snuggle on the sofa is most Dad’s idea of Father’s day heaven. Throw in his favourite snacks for extra brownie points, and he will be on cloud nine. We often think showing we care means fancy meals out extravagant gifts, though the best memories are often made closer to home. Keep your Dad happy this Father’s Day with a night in and a good flick, and he will go to bed with a big smile on his face.

5. Run him a bath

Simple though effective! Dads love a bubble bath, and if there was ever a day they deserve one, it’s Father’s Day. Having a hot tub with some delicious bath salts waiting for him when he returns from work will prepare him to relax. Why not surprise him with fluffy bamboo bath towels to dry off in style? Giving him time to rest and unwind is the perfect way to thank him for being your hero!

Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Lifestyle Man and duvet

Showing our Dads how much they mean to us is something we can do every day, though Father’s day is a special reminder to up the love. However you choose to tell your Dad he’s your hero, do it from the heart and make his day one to remember.

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