How can a Good Night’s Sleep Boost Your Immunity?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 02:00 pm

Find yourself catching one too many colds every year? It could be time to book yourself a few early nights. Discover how good-quality sleep can boost your immune system and why a good mattress might be as important as your daily orange juice.

Over the last few years, the importance of sleep for well-being has been confirmed a million times over. With health specialists, sleep coaches, and many studies singing the praises of getting enough quality shut-eye. “You’ll feel better in the morning” is advice we are all familiar with, and with good reason. While sleeping, a lot is going on inside our tired bodies. Sleep is the ultimate night doctor, from muscle repair and clearing out waste to replenishing cells. Let’s take a closer look at why sleep is essential for health.

Why is good sleep essential for health?

Good sleep is essential for health because it allows the body to restore and recharge, leading to numerous physical and mental benefits. Adequate sleep helps regulate hormones, boost immune function, improve mood and cognitive abilities, and reduce the risk of various health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

From the moment we wake up, our brains and bodies constantly work for us. Sleep powers us up to take on that morning workout and tick off our to-do lists. Not having those recommended seven to eight hours will leave you feeling less than awesome. Low mood, irritability, sugar cravings? These are all common symptoms of lack of sleep. Naturally, over time this can have a severe impact on our health.

Your immune system is one of the body’s primal ways to keep healthy. It is an incredible defence system against infections, bacteria, and mood disorders. During certain sleep cycle stages, this defence system is being repaired and strengthened to keep you fighting fit. Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule and optimising every moment of rest, from room temperature to a supportive mattress, will ensure it performs at its best.

A vital part of your body’s natural defence system are ‘T’ cells. These infection-busting cells help fight off everything from flu to cancer by obliterating virus-infected cells. The stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, low during deep sleep, can lower the adhesion of a set of molecules called integrins. This stickiness allows the ‘T’ cells to promote contact and remove the virus-infected cells from your body. Giving your body and mind sufficient time to rest will allow these T cells to perform effectively, boosting your health and happiness and keeping you feeling your best.

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How to prioritise sleep and boost immunity?

If you’re regularly not getting enough sleep, you could leave yourself vulnerable to infections and more sick days than those who are getting their recommended hours. The good news is there are some simple ways to prioritise rest and strengthen your immune system.

1. Keep bedtime consistent – Going to bed at different times every night can make it very hard for our bodies and minds to know when it’s time to shut down. A consistent bedtime routine will eventually help you drift off more quickly. The body loves regularity, especially when it comes to sleep. Allow yourself sufficient downtime between work and hitting the hay – think low lighting, a silky, soft eye mask, and Night-time CBD oil soothing nighttime oil. This will help generate melatonin, a sleepy hormone that sets you off to the land of nod and give your immunity-boosting cells a chance to do their thing.


2. Choose the right mattress – When it comes to a comfy night’s sleep, we are all different. Making sure you sleep on a relaxing, supportive mattress that promotes healthy alignment is key to resting well. The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress is a magical blend of BioCell Foam™, OrthoAlign Foam™, and seven zones of premium pocket springs that will make bedtime something to look forward to. Choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position and preferences will set you up for the best shut-eye. Better shut-eye means better health, a stronger immune system, and a stronger you.


3. Listen to your body – As the seasons change, so do we. The amount of rest and types of food and exercise we need monthly can fluctuate, and that’s ok. Learning to listen to your body and allowing it to rest more, especially during the colder months, is important in taking care of your immune system. Other factors, from ageing to how much we take on at work, can also affect how much sleep we need to keep our immune systems at their best. Remember to check in with yourself every day. It doesn’t all have to be go-go-go. Some days are for duvets and ice cream – dig in and enjoy. Sometimes, the magic of going slow is just what you need to keep that healthy glow!

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