How to Get Little Ones to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Last updated on December 27th, 2023 at 03:56 pm

Christmas Eve is a magical time filled with anticipation and excitement, especially for little ones. While the joy surrounding this special day is infectious, ensuring children get a good night’s sleep to enjoy Christmas morning’s magic fully is important. Getting them into bed and fast asleep can be tough, so join us as we explore strategies for helping little ones settle down and drift into dreamland on Christmas Eve. From setting the stage for sleep to managing excitement, we’ll guide you through creating a peaceful and restful Christmas Eve for your children.

Setting the stage for sleep

Creating an environment that promotes sleep is essential on Christmas Eve. Set the stage by dimming the lights in your home and creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere – fairy lights or a festive night light are great options to make it look super cosy. Quiet activities such as reading or puzzles can help little ones wind down and transition into a relaxed state before bedtime. Try to keep their bedtime routine as close to how it normally is as possible, with a bath and fresh pyjamas and a nice warm drink perhaps. Make sure their bed itself is as cosy as possible with bamboo bedding and a thick, toasty duvet. That way they’ll be super snuggly and ready to fall asleep, especially with the rest of these tips for kids’ sleep on Christmas Eve.

Managing Christmas Eve excitement

Christmas Eve is brimming with excitement but it can be very overwhelming for children, so managing it becomes essential to ensure a good night’s sleep. Encourage calm and quiet activities throughout the day to help children regulate their energy levels – avoid stimulating activities or excessive screen time close to bedtime, as these can interfere with sleepiness. Incorporate some relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation before bedtime, to really help little ones calm down enough to fall asleep with ease. Be sure to let them know what the plans are for the big day so they know what to expect; this can help ease any anxieties around Christmas, especially for neurodivergent children. Setting calming rituals for kids on Christmas Eve is the perfect way to help them sleep.

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Bedtime stories and rituals

Bedtime stories and rituals are powerful tools for guiding children into a peaceful sleep state. Choose a couple of Christmas-themed books and spend some quality time reading together, either in bed or in front of your beautifully decorated tree. There are plenty of specific bedtime stories for Christmas Eve out there! Following the familiar routines and rituals associated with bedtime can provide comfort and signal to children that it’s time to sleep, but adding a bit of festive magic won’t hurt – like allowing them a hot chocolate instead of milk, for example. Family traditions are important too, as they’ll become such special memories and allow your children to feel a sense of the festive spirit each year. Establishing sleep traditions for Christmas is another way to really show children the importance of a good night’s rest.

Dealing with Santa’s visit

The anticipation of Santa’s visit can sometimes disrupt sleep. Address this by reassuring your little ones that Santa will come even if they are asleep – he might *not* come if they stay awake! Discuss the tradition of Santa quietly delivering presents and emphasise that getting a good night’s sleep will make Christmas morning even more magical if they have any fears or concerns about him not being able to get in (such as if you have no chimney) be sure to alleviate these with soothing answers. Santa’s visit and kids’ sleep go hand in hand, so it’s incredibly important to address this!

Healthy sleep tips

Incorporate healthy sleep practices to set the stage for a restful night. Try to keep their sleep schedule consistent – later nights are okay occasionally. Still, combined with the excitement of the festivities and the increase in sugar intake, it’s best to stick to their routine where possible. Limit sweets, chocolate and other sugary snacks in the run-up to bedtime, and encourage them to help keep their bedroom clean and tidy to help them sleep in a nice environment. Be sure to follow children’s sleep strategies for holidays and listen to advice from other parents or experts.

Troubleshooting sleep issues

If your child struggles with falling asleep or experiences sleep disruptions on Christmas Eve, try implementing strategies to address any sleep issues. For example, introducing a nightlight can alleviate fears of the dark – and they might worry about a strange man (Santa) in the house. Let them know that it’s okay and all part of the magic! Be sure to comfort kids if they wake up during the night, and be patient; we know you’ve got a lot to be getting on with, but it’s a time when children can feel unregulated and stressed. Creating a calm Christmas bedtime is incredibly helpful and can lead to managing excitement on Christmas night, too.

Getting little ones to sleep on Christmas Eve

Helping little ones settle down and sleep on Christmas Eve is crucial for making the most of the magic of Christmas morning. By setting the stage for sleep, managing excitement, and maintaining healthy sleep habits, you can help your children enjoy the festive season – and you’ll feel much calmer knowing they’re fast asleep, ready for St Nick’s arrival! Promoting peaceful sleep for children is important all year round, but we’re wishing you a delightful Christmas Eve bedtime routine and a happy Christmas from all of us here at Panda.

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