How to put Your Baby to Sleep

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

Ask any parent the magic power they wish they had, and most of them would say getting their baby to sleep! Settling babies into sleeping through the night especially in the first few months takes patience, coffee and perseverance. Little ones have to learn that daytime is for play and night-time is for sleep which can take a while. Though the good news is there are plenty of things you can do to help them get settled.

Wakey-wakey, when it comes to morning calls for your little one it’s best to keep things consistent. Set the alarm and gently wake their sleepy heads with a cuddle and feed to help regulate their body clocks. Keeping nap times consistent through-out the day will also help manage their energy. And when it comes to energy, plan things to use up as much as possible throughout the day. This will help them be nice and sleepy for bedtime. You can use soft, bamboo baby muslins to provide gentle sensory stimulation and teach them new patterns and textures. The soft fabric makes the perfect blanket to snuggle up in after playtime. Also, let them get some daylight in the afternoon. This also helps set their circadian rhythm and get them ready to dream.

Getting ready for bed can start with a few relaxing routines, first up a little bit of fun in the tub. Bathing your little one in warm, soothing water will allow for a drop in body temperature that can help them prepare for sleep. Keeping the room dark and quiet will get them learning that night-time is for rest. Before you settle them in, gently swaddling them is a great way to help them feel calm and safe. Before leaving the room a little bedtime story is the perfect way to enjoy bonding time and get them set up for a good sleep. Some little ones benefit from leaving some white noise in the background, experiment with different sounds and see what works. Some babies even drift off to the sound of a hoover. Enjoy the process of getting to know each other and what works best for your little panda.

Keep going- You are doing great!

It can be overwhelming for new parents to get their baby settled into a regular sleeping pattern, though rest assured you are not alone. Sticking to a consistent plan and staying patient will help heaps. Above all remember to be kind to yourself and before you know it you will both be sleeping soundly.

Baby Sleep Infographic

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