How to Stay Warm at Home Without Turning up the Heating

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

With rising energy costs and higher energy bills forecasted for UK households this year, we are all looking for ways to stay warm at home without reaching for the thermostat. Get set for a snuggly winter with these top tips to stay cosy as the weather cools. 

If there’s one thing to look forward to as the temperature drops, it’s getting stuck into cosy nights at home. However, with the rising energy costs, you may wonder how to stay warm at home without the heating bill going through the roof (pardon the pun). The snuggly news is that there are plenty of ways to turn up the heat without touching the heating – even if you have a cold house! Pop on the kettle and enjoy a scroll of these wonderful Winter warmers to keep cosy all season.

1. Hot drinks to keep you warm

What is it about Winter that brings on cravings for coffee, hot chocolate and endless mugs of tea? That’s your body’s natural way of trying to stay warm as your temperature drops. Sipping your favourite hot drinks at home is a delicious and cosy way to keep snug. And it turns out a little warmth goes a long way: hot drinks in the evening can help you relax, easing you into a deeper sleep, and according to one study even warming up your personality! Cheers to keeping those mugs flowing. Looking for inspiration when it comes to warm beverages? Here are some of our favourites…

  • Pumpkin spiced latte (tasty and fun)

  • Matcha tea (full of antioxidants)

  • Chamomile or lavender tea (great at helping you sleep)

  • Hot cordial/squash (perfect for those who don’t like traditional hot drinks)

Be sure to consider milk alternatives like oat or almond milk, and look for caffeine-free options too – especially in the evening. A hot drink is one of the best Winter home warming tips as it allows you to switch off for a few minutes and enjoy some time out.

2. Get bedtime winter ready

It’s time to pack away the thin blankets and summer throws and get bedtime super cosy. Here’s what should be on your shopping list for making bedtime as cosy as can be…

Winter bedding

First up – you need a snuggly, fluffy duvet. Panda’s Bamboo Cloud will keep you warm all winter. It’s naturally thermoregulating and breathable – it’s perfect for every season. A warm duvet and comfortable bedding (like soft, gentle bamboo) will make early nights bliss and keep you warm on cold mornings. A 2012 study found that a temperature of 18 degrees is the healthiest for sleep, so wrapping up instead of turning up the heating will give you a better shut-eye. That’s a Winter win-win! Consider adding a throw or safely using an electric blanket if you feel the chill.

Hot water bottle

An oldie, but a goodie! A hot water bottle on the sofa will keep your evenings nice and warm. And popping one on your bed for half an hour before you hit the hay will set you up for a cosy night. They are a great way to stay snug without reaching for the thermostat on colder nights (and will certainly help keep the heating bill down). If you are feeling achy from the colder weather, they are also great muscle relaxers, helping to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Team with some snuggly socks and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this classic Winter warmer.

Space heater

If you really do need some extra help warming up, you still don’t need to opt for the central heating. One of the best energy-saving heating alternatives is a space heater – these small electronic devices can be plugged in in one room to keep the area toasty without costing a fortune. This is also one of the more eco-friendly ways to stay warm at home, using much less energy than heating the whole house.

3. Wear more layers

You have full permission to create a beautiful, cosy Winter wardrobe. This need not be expensive – get out those warm, baggy jumpers, tights, gloves and knits! Dressing for Winter is a great defence against the cold. And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to be in your snuggliest PJs by 4pm in the Winter. Part of the joy of the season is slowing down and retreating at home. Keeping an extra jumper on, or even popping on your dressing gown and warm socks, can help you stay snug on the sofa and keep energy costs down while enjoying the best of Netflix!

4. Exercise for staying warm

While it’s tempting to move less during the Winter months, staying active could help keep you toasty. Exercise boosts your blood flow which can keep you warm long after your workout. Whether it’s an early morning stroll or yoga class at home, trying to move as much as you can throughout the day can prevent you from feeling cold. It can also give your immune system a healthy boost, although don’t overdo it. And make sure you fill up on some of Winter’s delicious comfort food post-work-out. Hearty soups, delicious casseroles, and lovely roast dinners. You’ve earned it.

Spending more time at home is part of what makes this season so special. The ongoing energy crisis need not mean you have to put up with being cold. These simple tips will help you to stay warm, keep the bills down and embrace the joy of a cosy winter.


What are the most effective ways to stay warm at home without using heating?

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

Layering up with warm clothing, using thermal curtains, investing in high-quality insulation, and using draft stoppers are effective ways to stay warm. Additionally, using rugs on floors, drinking warm beverages, and staying active can help maintain warmth without turning up the heating.

Can certain types of bedding help keep me warm at night?

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

Bamboo sheets, heavier comforters, or duvets filled with down or synthetic materials can retain body heat better and keep you warmer at night. Layering blankets and using thermal or fleece bedding are also great options.

How can I make my living space warmer without increasing my heating bill?

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

Seal any drafts around windows and doors, let sunlight in during the day, use rugs on bare floors, and arrange furniture away from external walls and windows. Using small, portable heaters in the areas you spend the most time in can also be more energy-efficient than heating the entire house.

Are there any simple daily habits I can adopt to stay warm?

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

Yes, simple habits like keeping doors closed to unused rooms, cooking and baking more often (which warms up the kitchen area), and engaging in light physical activity indoors can help raise your body temperature.

Happy Snuggling!