How can you Stop Waking up in the Night for a Deeper Sleep?

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 02:16 pm

Whether it’s from an uncomfortable mattress, a wiggly partner, or other sleep problems waking in the night can seriously disrupt the quality of your rest. If you regularly wake up during the early hours, you’re not alone. A recent study we conducted revealed 80% of sleepers experience bedtime interruptions.

Let’s look at some common causes of those wake-up calls and some simple ways to help you stay asleep until the alarm goes off.

Why are you waking up during the night?

Many of us wake up occasionally during the night, though it can be a real struggle for some sleepers to drift back off. This can quickly cut into those precious 7-9 hours you need to stay feeling healthy. We cycle through four sleep stages; at specific points of this, we can wake more easily. While sometimes this can be caused by natural fluctuations in our circadian rhythm, other factors could play a part. Here are some of the prevailing causes of waking up during the night.

Are you going to bed with a full bladder?

Love a cup of tea before bed? While that comforting drink might seem like a great idea curled up on the sofa, it could be the reason you need a tinkle before midnight. Our study revealed nature’s calling is the leading cause of waking up at night. If the need to pee pulls you from bedtime more than once, you may have a condition called nocturia. This can be due to too many drinks before bedtime, an overactive bladder or even untreated diabetes.

What can you do to stay asleep?

Try cutting back on your fluid intake before bed. If you do love a hot drink, try and have it earlier on in the evening and avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can be stimulating. If this doesn’t help, consult a doctor for further advice and explanations.

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Are you sleeping with a wriggly partner?

Of all the things we do for love, missing out on sleep does not need to be one of them. If you share a bed with your partner, you can easily be woken by them throughout the night, especially if you are a light sleeper. This can be caused by a mattress that lacks motion transfer control, so every time they move, you ping back awake. Sound familiar? Here’s what you can try.

What can you do to stay asleep?

Switching to a mattress with advanced motion control can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. High-end mattresses like our bamboo hybrid mattress offer the best results with refined, advanced pocket spring technology to absorb movement for a smoother, interrupted night. You can also try making sure you go to bed simultaneously and leave any technology outside the room.

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Could you be experiencing an untreated sleep problem?

Various sleep problems, from stress, and anxiety to insomnia, could be the reason you are waking up and not enjoying a whole night of natural sleep. A study revealed 10-20% of adults have insomnia which can impact their mood, health, and well-being. Waking up with a racing heart and not being able to switch your mind off are signs you could be experiencing stress or another sleep disorder. The good news is there are things that can help get this resolved and you sleep better.

What can you do to stay asleep?

Embracing a natural wind-down routine before bed and avoiding blue light are great ways to relax and calm your mind. This can help prepare you to drift off for a longer, deeper sleep. Lowering the lights an hour or two before bedtime will help you produce melatonin, your body’s natural ‘sleepy’ hormone. Sticking to a routine can also set your circadian rhythm into a consistent sleeping pattern. If you continue to experience disrupted sleep, consult a doctor for further advice and explanations.

Is bedtime too hot or cold or uncomfy?

Is your bed not dreamily comfy enough? Is the bedroom too hot? Is your duvet too thick? These fundamental bedroom blunders can all result in you waking up during the night. Not having a supportive mattress can cause discomfort, tossing, and turning throughout the night. Out-of-season bedding can leave you too cold or overheating, another cause of tossing and turning. These are the easiest (and most enjoyable) things to get sorted and ease you into a better night’s sleep.

What can you do to stay asleep?

Investing in a mattress is a big decision; if you do it, you want one that will keep you sleeping from lights out till morning. Ensure you get the right balance of support, comfort, and breathability. The Panda hybrid bamboo mattress provides the perfect trio. Adapting to your sleeping position and delivering seven zones of premium pocket spring comfort to every part of your body. As for bedding, thermoregulating bed sheets are vital to staying cool and cosy every season. Also setting your thermostat to 18 degrees will keep your bedroom at the optimum temperature for drifting off for wake-up-free nights and refreshed mornings.

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Final tips to sleep through the night

Whatever the reasons you are waking up during the night, with a little patience and small changes you can soon be enjoying a restorative, longer night’s sleep. Prioritising rest and bedtime is vital for your well-being. And remember, shutting off from work and responsibilities for some relaxing ‘you’ time is as important as replying to those emails…

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