Top Tips to Prepare Your Little Ones for Going Back to School

Are you ready for the school bell?

As we enjoy the last of the Summer sun, it’s time to start thinking about returning to routine. Goodbye shorts, flip-flops and lazy days hello, freshly pressed uniforms, early starts and school homework. Heading back to school can be challenging for little ones (and parents) when you’ve just had weeks of less structured weeks. Here are five tips to help reduce back-to-school anxiety and set your little ones up for a great term.

How can you set up a good routine?

The start of a new school year brings many changes for little ones. One of them being the earlier mornings. This is a good time to set up a new bedtime routine to ensure they get enough rest and head off for the day feeling calm. Introducing a fun yet relaxing hour to unwind after they’ve done their homework and ensuring they get to bed a bit earlier will prepare them for the school run. September tends to get a little cooler and darker earlier, which can help make them feel more sleepy. Set them up for a great night’s rest with a snuggly, thermoregulating bamboo duvet. The natural fabric is highly breathable and seasonal for any fluctuations in the weather. As for the mornings, having uniforms laid out and a healthy breakfast prepared will help ease them back into routine and get those learning hats back on. 

How can you plan out the school week?

Ever find yourself turning up at the wrong play dates? Forgetting parent evenings… And had no idea about that school trip? Back to school often means back to chaos as our diaries fill back up. To ensure things run a little more smoothly, popping a weekly plan on the fridge or wall can help the whole family know what’s coming up. This can help little ones be prepared and give them things to look forward to, helping to manage stress and anxiety. It’s a great place to put everything from homework, dinner to playtime- even if you don’t manage to stick to everything, it’s an easy way to keep on top of things and get some structure back into all your weeks.

What can help them feel at their best?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… As they head back to school, looking at their nutrition is a great way to ensure they stay healthy and fuel their brains. Starting with a good breakfast, from a bowl of yummy oatmeal to fresh fruits and yogurts, will set them up for a good start. Ensuring they get plenty of veggies at dinner time will keep their immune systems strong. While it’s still ok to enjoy a treat, well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals will keep them feeling and learning at their best.

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How can you help ease learning anxiety?

After all that summertime play, getting their learning hats back on can cause some stress and anxiety. Trying to make learning fun and consistent again is something you can do together. Spend an hour reading their favourite book, let them read to you and go over any words that might be new to them with examples and even sounds. Asking them about their homework and letting them show it to you can give them a sense of pride and encourage them to share their work with teachers and participate in any extra-learning activities. From after-school clubs and sports groups, school is a great place to let them explore what they enjoy and hidden skills and talents that might need nurturing.

What can you do if you feel your child is struggling?

If you sense your child struggles with overwhelming during the first term, you are not alone. Little ones can often find it hard to adjust and concentrate again after the Summer break. Asking them about their day on the drive home or over an after-school snack when they are relaxed and comfortable can give them time to open up about anything that’s bothering them so you can address it together. Having the space to talk and share their feelings can help them feel less alone, supported and ready to make the most of their exciting new start.

Good luck little ones!


When should I start preparing my child for going back to school?

Preparing your child a few weeks before school starts is a good idea. This allows them to adjust gradually and reduces any last-minute rush.

How can I help my child overcome back-to-school anxiety?

Open communication is key. Talk to your child about their feelings, visit the school, and maintain a positive attitude. Engage in activities that help them feel excited about the new school year.

What's the importance of establishing a routine before school starts?

Routines provide predictability and stability, helping children adjust to the school schedule. Adjust sleep, meal, and play times to align with the school routine.

How can I encourage my child's enthusiasm for learning?

Create a positive learning environment at home by reading together, engaging in educational games, and showing interest in their school-related activities.

How can I help my child get organized for the school year?

Introduce organizational tools like a calendar, planner, or color-coded folders. Teach them to pack their bag the night before and lay out their clothes.

Are there any tips for making mornings smoother?

Plan outfits the night before, prepare lunches in advance, and establish a morning routine that includes a healthy breakfast and some quiet time for your child to wake up peacefully.

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