What is a Hybrid Bamboo Mattress?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:52 pm

Zip-off top bamboo cover
Our zip-off-top, plush bamboo cover adds a layer of silky softness to your mattress that is easy to remove and wash. Our signature bamboo is temperature regulating, hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial for incredibly comfortable sleep.
BioCell Foam™
Uniquely engineered open cell technology infused with fresh bamboo, is odour-resistant and highly breathable. Keeping you at the perfect temperature for deep, restful sleep.
OrthoAlign Foam™
Pressure-point perfect, our high density, orthopaedic grade OrthoAlign Foam™ optimises spinal alignment for the highest level of comfort and support, working seamlessly with our multi-zonal spring base.
Multi-Zonal Springs
Our seven zones of full size, individually enclosed premium springs isolate movement reducing motion transfer keeping you supported and sleeping soundly while preventing disturbances from even the most restless sleepers.
Comfort base
Our high-density memory foam provides the perfect Comfort Base. Absorbing excess movement, perfectly distributing body weight to shield you from even the slightest disturbances throughout the night.
Anti-slip base
Keep everything in place with our anti-slip layer firmly securing your mattress, preventing any sliding.

For all the comfort and relaxation they bring, shopping for a mattress online can be one heck of a headache. From understanding the different types of foams, features, and price tags it’s hard to find the best value mattress for money and bedtime. One type of design you’ve no doubt come across is the Hybrid mattress. This is fast becoming the most popular model for those in the market for years and years of great sleep. Though you may be wondering what exactly is a Hybrid mattress, what is so special about it, and whether is it the right choice for you. Here we give you the lowdown on why it’s stealing the spotlight from typical memory foam mattresses and help you make your mind up.

The perfect balance of comfort and support

Life is all about balance, so they say! While we are still working on applying that to our coffee habit, there is a way we can bring it to bedtime. A Hybrid mattress has responded to a universal problem that many sleepers face. Finding a mattress that offers exceptional, orthopaedic grade memory foam support while providing the comfortable response to body pressure of slightly softer fillings. A Hybrid combines multiple fills that can give you everything in one mattress. The Panda Bamboo Hybrid features bamboo-infused Bio-Cell Foam™. The breathable foam uniquely responds to body pressure while orthopaedic grade OrthoAlign Foam™ keeps you in perfect alignment from head to toe. These two layers of incredible support are combined with seven zones of ultra-responsive premium pocket springs, optimising comfort in every area of your body. How’s that for teamwork? Why compromise?

The Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress will keep you supported and enjoying next-level relaxation the whole night through.

Hybrid mattress is optimised for breathability and airflow

If there is one thing we all hope to get from a mattress, it’s one that keeps bedtime breathable. This is one of the benefits that really gives a Hybrid mattress their edge. Due to advanced technology, the coils and combined fills in many models maximise breathability and optimise airflow. The Panda Hybrid mattress features a fresh bamboo infusion, which is naturally thermo-regulating keeping you at the perfect temperature even in the hottest summer months. Pioneering open cell technology maximises airflow while a premium hypoallergenic Bamboo cover seals the mattress in a temperature-intuitive smooth layer of comfort. Bamboo wicks away moisture preventing the natural heat retention of memory foam keeping rest restorative and rejuvenating. Overheating is one of the leading causes of sleep disturbances.

Panda London’s Bamboo Hybrid Mattress will keep sleep cool and comfortable all year round.

Ssshhhh! Do not disturb.

Tend to wake up every time your partner wiggles? You are not alone. Another common culprit of broken nights is moving in our sleep. Hybrid mattresses feature advanced motion-control technology designed to prevent motion transfer and counteract this problem. The Panda Bamboo Hybrid brings you seven zones of full-size, individually enclosed premium pocket springs that provide uniquely optimised comfort for every area of your body. The ultra-responsive zones reduce motion transfer, keeping you supported and sleeping soundly while preventing disturbances from even the most restless sleepers. A highly resilient memory foam base further absorbs movement, perfectly distributing body weight, while a genius anti-slip layer keeps the mattress firmly in place.

So there will be no slipping and sliding. Just smooth, deep sleep you can rely on.

Hybrid mattress made from sleep-friendly fabrics

bamboo hybrid mattress

If you are getting tempted by the idea of a hybrid mattress, there is one thing to look out for when making your selection. Fabrics! The best mattress covers are made from naturally cooling, hypoallergenic sleep-friendly fibres like bamboo. The final comfort layer of your mattress has a big role to play, seen as it will have the most contact with your skin. Natural fabrics like Bamboo, featured in the Panda Hybrid Mattress, are ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Their easy-to-remove bamboo cover is anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and easy to whip off and pop in the wash to keep bedtime extra fresh. Plus… Bamboo gets softer and softer with every wash. Once you feel the smooth, indulgent comfort of bamboo you might want to consider dressing your mattress with some natural bamboo bedding.

Though don’t be surprised if you don’t want to get up in the morning.

Final notes

Now you are nearly up to date with Hybrid mattresses and the benefits they can bring to bedtime, here are a few final points to consider. When choosing a sleep brand online, consider reviews and awards your lights in the dark. Outstanding customer service and a long list of award-winning products will lead you in the right direction. And last, of all, choose a mattress that comes with a bedtime trial and in the right size. This way if for any reason it’s not ‘the one’ there’s nothing to lose sleep over. Panda London offers a 100-night trial with the groundbreakingly breathable, Bamboo Hybrid Mattress.

We’re pretty sure after one night on six layers of state-of-the-art comfort… You won’t want to sleep without it.

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