Bedtime Eclipse: How Does the Lunar Cycle Affect Your Sleep?

Last updated on December 14th, 2023 at 04:17 pm

Ever wondered if the full moon is really the reason you can’t sleep? Read on to discover all about how the lunar cycle can affect bedtime and what you can do to help.

There is something magical about the moon, that golden, glowing circle that changes shape and lights up the sky. If you notice your sleep tends to fluctuate throughout the month, those changing shapes could have something to do with it. Studies show that the lunar cycle can affect sleep. From waning and waxing crescents to beautiful full moons. Let’s take a look at the different lunar phases, how they influence sleep and how the best mattress could keep you snoozing soundly throughout the cycle.

What are the different moon phases?

The moon is constantly on the move, transitioning in eight phases throughout its 27-day orbit around earth. These can be broken down into four primary stages, each lasting around 7 days. During each of these phases, you will see a different shape in the sky, affecting sleep in varying intensity. More about this shortly, first here are the four key phases of the moon cycle.

New Moon

Celebrated as a time of new beginnings, the first stage of the lunar cycle is marked by a thin, curved slither of light we call the crescent moon. A time to set fresh intentions and start new projects (without getting too ‘woo-woo’.) If you follow a moon ritual, this is a time to say yes to a new haircut, send that job application, or accept that first date, the universe is rooting for you!

First Quarter

During the second stage of the lunar cycle, the moon starts to grow. Take a peek out your window and you’ll see a golden handle lighting up the night sky. Much like the moon, this is a great time to develop your projects and stay focused. Make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation to stay energised and ready for the upcoming full moon.

Full Moon

The big one! This phase of the lunar cycle is the moon’s chance to shine. The big, golden circle signals the moon and sun are now at opposite ends of the Earth. Known as a great time to put your ideas out there and shine your light, this phase is when many of us find it hardest to sleep. More on why coming up!

Last Quarter

The final stage of the lunar cycle is known as the waning crescent, where it slowly transitions back to a slithery golden wedge. This time in the magical world of moonstrology is perfect for reflecting, slowing down and preparing for a new cycle.

So, how does all this affect sleep?

Now you understand each phase of the lunar cycle, you can see how it builds in light and intensity. This can affect sleep for a number of reasons.

1. Studies show that there might be something to ‘as above, so below. The research suggests our sleep cycles are naturally synchronised with the moon cycle.

2. During the new moon and final quarter, the intensity of light and energy from the moon lowers. This helps us produce more melatonin and drift off with the natural pattern of our circadian rhythm.

3. Research shows that the full moon can make it harder to drift off, reduce sleep time, and sleep quality. This is mostly associated with the light being at its strongest which can leave us over-stimulated blinking at the ceiling.

How to sleep better throughout the lunar cycle

If you find your sleep fluctuating with the moon cycle, you are not alone. Many of us stay up later and sleep less before the full moon, over time this can cause low mood and sleep disorders. Though with a few adjustments you can tap into some lunar magic and stay in love with bedtime. Here are top tips for sleeping well come moon or shine.

1. Stick to a routine

While it may be tempting to stay up late during a full moon, sticking to a routine will help regulate your circadian rhythm. Having a soothing ritual before bed can work wonders. A warm bath and a few drops of relaxing oils will lower your body temperature and calm your nervous system, preparing you for sleep. Slip on a soft, silky eye mask to keep out the extra light and ease you into dozing off.

2. Optimise your comfort zone

While the moon continues to shift and change, the best way to keep your sleep consistent? Optimise your comfort zone. Having a breathable, supportive mattress will ensure you look forward to diving into bed. Thermo-regulating fabrics like bamboo will keep you cool and cosy whatever the moon phase. Make sure you have the right pillow for your sleeping position and snuggly, soft bedding you cannot wait to get all wrapped up in. Keeping bedtime as comfortable as possible all year round will set you up for sweet sleep- and enjoying the magic!

3. Self-care

Self-care is important at every stage of the moon cycle. From keeping clear work/life boundaries, watching your screen time and getting plenty of healthy food and exercise. Ensure you allow yourself enough time to wind down at the end of the day and make time to balance work, play and rest. Much like the moon, there’s a time to shine bright and a time to reflect, slow down and restore for whatever the next cycle has in store.

Moon Messages

The lunar cycle can affect all of our sleep differently. Try to be patient with any adjustments. Taking care of yourself with a relaxing bedtime routine, optimising your comfort zone and embracing the art of slowing down is sure to keep you shining bright.

Sweet Dreams