Cosy and Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 04:52 pm

‘There is no more extraordinary magic than Christmas’

There are two types of people, those who are head over heels for this time of year (and might already have the tree up) and those who leave it till Christmas Eve to start shopping. Whatever side of the festive fence you perch, this Christmas gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for everyone from mum and dad to your little Pandas. As if there is one thing we all love, it’s being cosy!

Grab a mince pie and get started on your Christmas list with these merry gift ideas for the whole family.

1. Snuggly Bedtimes

Tis’ the season to get snuggly, so why not get your loved ones set up the cosiest bedtimes? If there is one thing we all want to do more of in the holidays, it’s sleep, and having the best bedding will keep your zZZ as comfy as possible. Soft, smooth bamboo bedding makes Christmas lie-ins a dream. The sustainable, natural fabric is thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for wrapping up in every season. A good pillow will also ensure proper alignment. Our heavenly Hybrid Bamboo pillow naturally contours to every sleeping position, with breathable CharcoCell Foam™ and O2 MicroPods™ to optimise freshness and airflow. That’s two stocking fillers done and dusted!

2. Fancy Bathroom Treats

Cold days call for hot baths and showers! Though coming out of indulgent time in the tub can be chilly. Soft, fluffy bamboo bath towels will keep your loved ones nice and snug as they dry off. And to warm up cold bathroom floors, plush, eco-friendly bamboo rugs are heaven on feet and an oh-so-fancy Christmas gift to find under the tree. For those who love to pamper, festive bath oils and body creams to lather on will keep skin nice and hydrated. Choosing eco-friendly and natural ingredients is better for the environment and tends to be far more gentle on the skin and our planet, which we all need to keep in our hearts this time of year.

3. Cold holiday essentials

There’s always that one person in the family that insists on a post-lunch walk! So get everyone ready for chilly strolls with cosy hats, scarves and gloves. Staying warm in the colder weather will help protect your little ones’ immune systems and encourage everyone to spend more time outdoors. While staying in with the chocolate boxes this time of year is tempting, getting out for some light exercise and fresh air helps keep everyone happy and healthy. Look for sustainable, thermoregulating fabrics and neutral colours and keep everyone moving this Christmas.

4. Warm Scented Glows

With the rising energy costs this year, we are all looking for ways to keep the bills down. Not only does lighting a few candles help give rooms a cosy glow, but it can also help save on electricity and add a sweet-scented touch to Christmas. Seasonal blends like cinnamon, orange, vanilla, and cardamon add festive magic to this time of year. Shopping with local brands focusing on sustainability is a great way to support smaller businesses plus take care of the planet. Candles make the perfect stocking fillers and are great options for those last-night shoppers (if you ask nicely, they might even come gift-wrapped)

5. The Gift of Time

Fabulous Christmas gifts aside, if there is one thing we can all give each other more of this season, it is time. With the rush of lights going up and busy stores, it’s easy to forget what Christmas is all about. Which is coming together to celebrate! And no matter what we find under the tree, there is no greater gift than laughing, eating and being merry with our nearest and dearest.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!