Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Stylish Winter Bedroom

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:50 pm

Brr! It’s getting cold out there- time to stay home put the kettle on and get your cosy socks on. It’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself set up with a stylish, eco-friendly winter bedroom. As let’s face it- there’s no better place to be on chilly, dark nights than tucked up in bed. From soft, snuggly bamboo bedding to the world’s most comfortable eco-friendly mattress, enjoy a browse and warm up with these sustainable ideas for an elegant winter bedroom.

1. Snuggle into planet-loving winter bedding

Ok, planet heroes when it comes to stylish, eco-friendly bedrooms bedding is the best place to start. Getting wrapped up in the most luxurious, smooth sheets while making a conscious effort to be sustainable can feel like hard work. The good news is there is a magic fabric that’s made this possible- bamboo. Bamboo bedding has become a firm favourite in the world of bedtime. The vegan bed sheets are naturally thermoregulating, reacting to your body temperature to keep you cosy all winter.

Woman In Bed With Panda London 100 Bamboo Bedding In Vintage Pink

The gentle fibres are beautifully breathable, and hypoallergenic, you can choose from a range of stylish colours. Panda’s Bamboo and French Linen adds a vogue twist offering a slightly denser texture through a careful blend of two premium, eco-friendly fabrics.

2. Upgrade sleep with an eco-friendly mattress

A wonderful mattress is a big investment, attention must be paid. Get it right, and you are all set for years of dreamy, comfortable sleep. Finding an eco-friendly mattress with unparalleled breathability, support and style is no easy challenge. You want to consider the materials, durability and eco-credentials of the brand you shop with. Panda’s breathable Hybrid Bamboo Mattress ticks all the boxes. Our BioCell Foam™ infused with fresh bamboo features open-cell technology to keep bedtime ultra-breathable. OrthoAlign Foam™ provides orthopaedic support while seven zones of premium pocket springs deliver tailor-made comfort to every part of your body. Six layers of sleep perfection sealed in a smooth, hypoallergenic bamboo cover. Plus, the mattress has a ten-year comfort guarantee and free recycling service for your old mattress.

Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Layers cut

This is one bamboo-tiful bedtime upgrade that will have you sleeping soundly, and a good night’s sleep never goes out of style.

3. Embrace pre-loved furniture

When it comes to bedroom furniture, pre-loved pieces can add a chic touch of eco-friendly style for a fraction of the price. From bedside drawers, and colourful artwork to vintage mirrors- there is some beautiful second-hand furniture up for grabs when you look around. Breathe life into older pieces by adding your own touches from candles on tables, a lick of paint on wardrobes or natural throws and blankets on bedroom chairs. Choosing small brands that offer sustainable delivery helps make shopping that bit greener.

With a little patience and creativity, you will be drifting off in a stylish, eco-friendly bedroom in no time.

4. Add cosy, stylish touches without turning up the heating

With the temperature dropping it’s tempting to reach for the thermostat to get warm and cosy. Though to keep your bedroom eco-friendly and get the bills down there are some stylish ways to stay snuggly. Layering your bedding with a thick throw in your favourite shade adds a splash of colour while keeping you toasty. They can always be used on the sofa or thrown over chairs later in the year. Making sure you have the right duvet tog for winter will also keep you warm- a rating of 10.5 is recommended. Natural choices like bamboo not only keep your bedroom eco-friendly, but the fabric is naturally thermos-regulating.

Fluffy bamboo duvets are perfect for every season- keeping bedtime eco-friendly, stylish and snug.

Staying eco-friendly, stylish and snug as we embrace the colder months is possible with a few simple switches. As the season invites us to slow down and get cosy, use these ideas to create your perfect bedtime sanctuary and get snuggling.

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