Could Bamboo Bedding be the Secret to Better Sleep?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:51 pm

‘Those who don’t believe in magic… never find it’

There are certain things in life where ‘OK’ will do, well dear reader, your bedding is not one of them. Considering we spend a whopping thirty-six years in bed on average, what we snuggle under at night deserves our attention. If you are one of the 32.5% of adults that gets less than seven hours, your bed sheets could do more than keep you comfortable. Bamboo bedding has some pretty special benefits that can improve your sleep. From cooler nights to calmer skin, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular, and if you are wondering why? You’re in the right place.

How is Bamboo fabric produced?

New to bamboo? Let’s start with the basics. Bamboo is nature’s wonder plant and one of the world’s most sustainable resources. The plant can grow up to four feet a day and relies on little more than sunshine and water. Eco-friendly brands, like Panda London, only use premium bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. To create the soft, smooth bed sheets that sleepers all over the world are falling in love with… the leaves and inner pith from the hard bamboo trunk are crushed, soaked in natural enzymes, washed, and spun into beautifully fluffy yarn. The trending fabric brings some incredible benefits to bedtime, ready to find out more?

How soft and smooth is Bamboo Fabric?

Whether it’s bedding, towels, muslin cloths or clothing, bamboo fabric is one of the softest and smoothest materials on the textile market. Often compared to cashmere in terms of luxury and softness levels, it’s no surprise that anyone who makes the switch to bamboo ends up smitten! The fibres are softer and more lightweight than cotton, meaning they caress the skin and feel completely breathable without irritation or heaviness. And not only that, but bamboo actually becomes softer the more you wash it – unlike silk, which is almost (but not quite) as soft. This means doing the washing has extra benefits, giving you a completely unrivalled long-term softness!

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What are the benefits of Bamboo Bedding?

Bamboo Bedding keeps bedtime cool & cosy all year round

Hot summers and cold winters are part & parcel of living in the UK, though with Bamboo Bedding you can enjoy the seasons, and your sleep doesn’t have to suffer. The temperature-intuitive, breathable fabric regulates your body thermo-stat, keeping you at just the right temperature, whatever the season. Overheating is one of the biggest causes of restless nights, especially in warmer countries. Over time this can zap the fun out of your day. Switching to bamboo bed sheets will have you breezing through hot summer nights and keep you snug & cosy if things get chilly. You may be unable to predict the weather, though; with bamboo bedding, you can’t keep bedtime comfortable all year round.

Bamboo bed sheets are super kind to skin

One of the best things about Bamboo Bedding is it is naturally hypo-allergenic! This is especially good news for those suffering from common allergies like eczema or acne. The smooth, gentle fibres soothe and calm skin, preventing irritation for a beautiful night’s rest. Itchy skin and breakouts can be incredibly distressing and uncomfortable and often feel worse at night. Choosing bamboo for bed is a natural way to be kind to your skin and enjoy longer, deeper sleep. And knowing you are doing something great for the planet is another reason to drift off with a smile. When it comes to taking better care of yourself and our world, bamboo bedding is a cosy place to start.

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Bamboo bedtimes are deliciously soft & smooth

Ask most people how they feel about their first night sleeping with bamboo bedding and expect a “wow”. The soft, silky, fibres glide over your skin like butter cocooning you in natural, soothing comfort. Not only can bamboo bedding make early nights all the more enticing…deliciously comfortable bed sheets can ease you into a deeper, more restorative rest. If your bedding is scratchy, too hot or not quite cosy enough, you’re more likely to toss and turn throughout the night. Bamboo bedding can keep you (and you’re partner) snug as a bug and snoozing soundly from lights out till morning.

How to choose the best Bamboo Bedding?

Now you’re in the know about the dreamy benefits of bamboo bedding, and you’re likely wondering where to find it! Luckily, that bit is easy. You can find award-winning bamboo bed sheets in the right size online. Look out for stores that have exceptional reviews and a commitment to sustainability, these are signs of a great, reliable brand.

Finding the best bamboo bedding will set you up for years of beautiful bedtimes, come rain or shine!

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