Cupid-Approved Ways to Sleep Better With Your Partner

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 02:06 pm

For the love of sleep…

Love. We would do anything for it… Move mountains, send roses, cross oceans. Though one in six couples now refuse to give up a good night’s sleep in the name of romance. Sleeping with a partner can be incredibly challenging, and adjusting to each other’s sleeping habits is not easy. If problems persist over time, this can seriously impact wellbeing and even affect your relationship! So…What are the things we find so hard about co-sleeping? And most importantly, how can we keep the romance alive without sacrificing our sleep? Let’s take a look.

What are the challenges of sleeping with a partner?

When it comes to sleep we are all very different, which is why one in six couples now sleep apart. While none of us are perfect, many sleepers struggle with certain bedtime habits that can irritate partners and wake them frequently through-out the night.

Some of these may be familiar!

1. Snoring

The most common cause of sleep divorce within the UK is snoring. According to studies 85% of people that sleep apart have done so for over a year, and a third even up to five years. It seems the slightest deep breathing can disturb your partner, especially if they are light sleepers. If you tend to snore, you’re not alone. Over 40% of adult men and 57% of women are prone to snoring.

2. Fidgeting

Tossing and turning throughout the night can be caused by a number of things, from the wrong mattress or pillow to overheating. If you are a night-time wiggler, your partner probably knows about it! The disturbance caused by motion transfer is a common reason one in ten partners chooses a separate bed.

3. Different routines

If you like hitting the hay early and your partner is a night owl, chances are this can upset your sleep. When your other half hops into bed, it may wake you and take a long time to drift off back to sleep. It could be time to get on the same bedtime rota!

4. Blue-light

Phones and laptops in bed are never a good idea, if your partner is secretly scrolling throughout the night the blue light can affect both your sleep and have you waking up feeling less than perky.

If any of these sleeping habits are affecting your sleep it’s likely your relationship is feeling the strain. The good news is there are easy things to try before moving into separate rooms. Here are some cupid-approved ways you can sleep better with your partner.

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Easy ways to sleep better with your partner

When it comes to sleeping habits, there is no one fix that suits all though these are easy things to try that have been successful for many couples looking to stay sharing a bed and sleeping soundly.

1. Lifestyle tweaks

How you spend the day can directly impact how well you sleep, from managing stress, and how much you move to what you eat. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough exercise, and switching to nutritious foods can not only reduce snoring, but a well-balanced diet and fitness plan can also improve bedtime for both of you. For extra cupid points, why not enjoy cooking some plant-based meals together and take an evening stroll? Spending quality time together before you go to bed can help you both relax, unwind and drift off to sleep more quickly.

2. Find a mattress you both love

If you or your partner toss and turn through-out the night, the right mattress could help keep the romance alive. Agreeing on a mattress can be tough, it has to tick both your boxes. A hybrid mattress is far more likely to strike the balance combining the best of premium, pocket springs with pressure-point perfect memory foam. Not too, soft, not too firm and the perfect blend of support and comfort. Look for a mattress with motion-control which can reduce the impact of night-time wiggles and interrupting those sweet dreams.

3. Set a bedtime routine

If you and your partner can, setting a bedtime routine to enjoy together will not only be wonderful for your relationship, it can improve the quality of your sleep. Going to bed at the same time together and waking up on the same alarm can keep you both snoozing sweetly. If one of you does come to bed later, making an effort to be quiet and considerate can help avoid any night-time huffing, improve their sleep and strengthen your relationship.

4. Make the bedroom a ‘screen free’ zone

While it’s tempting to bring distractions to bed, from watching you-tube videos to reading emails, for the love of sleep it’s best to make bedtime a ‘screen-fee’ zone. Blue-light can not only prevent you and your partner from drifting-off, it deprives you of a special time to bond and unwind with each other. More couples are discovering the benefits of pillow talk, and sharing intimate moments together before going to sleep. What’s better to do in bed than connecting with your love?

Cupid’s Verdict

Sleeping with a partner will always be challenging and in some cases separate rooms may be the best solution. Though giving these cupid-approved tips a go could keep you lying next to each other for years to come. After all, when it comes to love anything is possible.

Sweet Dreams