Brighten up Bedtime With our Top Tips for Summer Sleep

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 02:08 pm

Summer is a time of relaxation, making memories, and enjoying the great outdoors. However, it’s not all smooth sailing when it comes to our routine and sleep. When it’s time for bed, it can be tricky to get the sleep we deserve due to humid temperatures and lighter evenings. Our whole sleep cycle can be thrown out of whack!

Getting a good night’s sleep in the summer season can be achieved by making sure all of the senses feel aligned. From simply opening your window to let fresh air in, to sleeping on cooling, anti-allergy bedding. There are plenty of summer sleep tips to help us drift off at night.

Here are some simple tips for sleeping in summer! We hope you enjoy it.

Sink Into Soft, Natural Fabrics

From bringing the summer duvet out to switching your bedding to keep cool. The way we dress our bed can make a huge difference to how we sleep during the summer season. Getting tucked up in natural bedding may help you stay cooler at night. We’d highly recommend bamboo bedding as it’s oh-so-soft and long-lasting, making for a great choice for bedtime. Plus, it will keep you cool as any moisture absorbed by the bamboo evaporates!

Our luxurious 100% bamboo bedding sets are a sustainable, hypo-allergenic, and luxurious choice for restful sleep during the summer season. Even though these fabrics are breathable and cool, you could also place your pillow in the freezer to cool it down before bedtime.

Let Fresh Air In

Making the temperature of your room feel fresh, airy, and cool is imperative to getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re not certain about leaving your windows open at night, try and get out for some fresh air before you go to sleep. It’s proven that spending time in nature and getting enough fresh air can boost our moods and relieve any worries. If you can, keep your window open occasionally during the day to improve ventilation and manage the room temperature.

Shower Before Bed

Wind down with a comforting shower before bed! Increasing research suggests that a warm shower or bath at bedtime can help to restore our bodies’ core body temperature. Surprisingly, sleeping with wet hair can help regulate your temperature! Who knew? Not only will you feel restored and pampered, but you’ll be able to rest without overheating!

Eliminate Stress

Sticking to a sleep schedule, practicing good sleep hygiene, and embracing relaxation techniques all contribute to a great night’s sleep. Alongside our other tips for sleeping in summer, eliminating stress is a key component to help you sleep well. So, if you’re feeling stressed this summer season, why not trial a yoga class, connect with loved ones, or try out a new feel-good activity such as volunteering or joining a shared interest group? Building positive habits into your daily routine can help set you up for a more productive and positive nightly routine also.

So, if you’ve enjoyed these summer sleep tips you should be on your way to getting a good night’s rest very soon! 

This is a guest blog from our friends Happy Beds.