Could Pillow Talk be the way to get Closer to Your Partner?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

When it comes to winding down these days, the place most couples find themselves is tucked up in bed. From the minute the alarm goes, the day scoops you up with work, meetings, and emails leaving little time to relax and enjoy those intimate moments to talk and get close. The good news is pillow talk can provide the time to open up and keep that precious connection that brought you together. Though what exactly is pillow talk and how can it benefit your relationship? Let’s dive in.

What is pillow talk?

Pillow talk is a conversation between two people who are in bed, typically in a romantic context. This type of conversation often involves sharing personal thoughts, feelings, and secrets, and can strengthen the bond between the individuals involved. We talk all day, especially those of us that are natural chatterboxes! So how is pillow talk different? The two ingredients in the pillow talk mix that regular conversation lacks are vulnerability and intimacy. Some of us are more private than others, though even if you class yourself as more open; there are certain feelings, views, and emotions that you only want to share with your partner. Opening up that side of yourself is not easy. You must be at ease and alone to access that deep, honest space. And where’s best? You got it- snuggled up together in bed.

How to pillow talk?

If you are new to pillow talk, you are not alone. A lot of couples are approaching it for the first time as a fresh way to get closer, though it can be hard to know where to start. You want to focus on what makes you perfect for each other, past memories, and future plans. As well as sharing what you appreciate about each other, from the morning cuddle to that evening cup of tea. Being present with one another is key, turn off the TV and leave phones and worries out the bedroom door. Even simply asking your partner about their day can be incredibly powerful in making them feel seen and valued in a way that is so easy to neglect with our busy lives. Pillow talk can be the bridge between passing ships in the night to a full, loving relationship. Even when we live together, we can quickly begin to lead very separate lives.

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What are the benefits of pillow talk for your relationship

There is a well-known theory that the majority of communication we engage in on a daily basis is based on wanting something. Information, validation, feedback. This can cloud the chance to develop a truly long, lasting connection.

Pillow talk gives you the opportunity to take the ‘want’ out of the picture and focus on the ‘give’. Focusing your full attention on your partner without any expectation (like you did when you first met) will make them feel special, strengthening your bond. Many believe that pillow talk is preparation for physical intimacy though the truth is, listening and talking to your partner can provide all the intimacy your relationship needs to heal and grow.

Being in bed, propped up on your pillow gives you that alone time to enjoy each other. Strengthening your relationship is not only great for your emotional health, it can boost your whole well-being and even help you sleep better. If you are still stuck on where to start, here are some great examples of pillow talk questions and why they work!

Examples of Pillow Talk

1. What is your favourite memory of us?
This will invoke happy times together, it’s simple, reflective and romantic.
2. What is your biggest life-goal?
This is attentive and gives them a chance to think of the future, cultivating a long-term connection.
3. What do you most like about me?
This inspires romance and sensuality, be sure to return the compliments.
4. What does your perfect day like?
What better question to finish on? This gives you the opportunity to plan some quality time together, with or without your pillows!

The lowdown

Relationships are one of the biggest joys in life, though just like our bodies and minds they require work to keep them healthy. Making pillow talk a part of your bedtime routine could be just the thing to remind you of all the wonderful reasons you fell in love and make that love last a lifetime!