What is a Hybrid Pillow?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

A hybrid pillow provides unique comfort and support by blending multiple fill types. With many sleepers enjoying the unique benefits of memory foam though preferring the softer feel of a down, a Hybrid pillow makes it possible to have the best of both. The Panda London Hybrid pillow features our exclusive CharcoCell Foam™, uniquely contouring to every sleeping position, optimising neck and spine alignment. A charcoal infusion wicks away moisture, prevents odours and eliminates dust mites maximising hygiene and freshness. Cooling O2 Micro-Pods™ promote airflow for ultimate breathability while our silky, soft BambooCloud™ cover soothes skin for deep rest.

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5 Amazing things to know about the Hybrid Pillow

When it comes to pillows, the Panda Hybrid is in a league of its own. Years of research and development took place to ensure a design that would make every night perfect. Here are six things you need to know about what makes this pillow so special

1. 3rd Generation Memory Foam

We are inspired to bring optimum comfort and support to bedtime. In a world that moves so fast, rest has become less of a priority which is why we knew we had to make something extraordinary. Our charcoal-infused 3rd generation orthopaedic memory foam. The unique foam contours to every sleeping position for optimum neck and spine alignment providing deep, restorative rest. If you tend to wake up with an achy neck or back, your pillow could be responsible, the Panda Hybrid Pillow can not only improve sleep but bring more joy to your day by protecting your spine and improving mobility.

Charcoal Activated

2. Charcoal Infusion

Naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking, a unique charcoal infusion prevents odours and eliminates dust mites maximising hygiene and brings a wonderful feeling of freshness to bedtime. Over time a mixture of sweat and bacteria can damage your hair and skin, the Hybrid Pillow will have you waking up with a refreshed glow.

3. O2 Micro-Pods™

One of the biggest complaints about memory foam is its natural retention of heat which requires careful technology to reduce. We have created active O2 Micro-Pods™ which promote airflow and optimise breathability, keeping bedtime fresh and comfortable. This allows lovers of memory foam to enjoy all the benefits while keeping a cool head.

4. Deluxe Mesh

A 3D mesh border envelopes the memory foam, protecting your pillow and increasing durability for plenty of happy bedtimes. The mesh works seamlessly with the O2 Micro-Pods™ to promote airflow for ultra breathability.

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5. BambooCloud Cover

Saving the best till last… The Hybrid Pillow comes wrapped in our signature, smooth hypoallergenic bamboo cover. Bamboo is perfect for those suffering with allergies like eczema or sensitive skin, the natural fibres gently soothe and protect skin while you drift off and dream, naturally.

What makes the Hybrid Pillow different?

The Panda hybrid pillow features everything you need to transform your sleep and make the most of every wink. Our exclusive CharcoCell Foam™ is uniquely tailored to optimise comfort and support for every sleeper, making it easier to choose your pillow online. With orthopaedic foam that contours to your sleeping position, you can rest knowing you are supporting your neck, back, and spine while a naturally hypo-allergenic bamboo cover protects your skin. Life is full of hard decisions, though when it comes to bedtime, the Hybrid makes finding the perfect pillow easy.

Sweet Dreams