How can Bamboo Products Improve Your Sleep?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:50 pm

‘Bedtime is the place our dreams come out to play’

There is no greater feeling than climbing into bed after a long day of whizzing through work, life admin, and responsibilities. Tucked under the sheets, wrapped up and snug it’s time to drift off, dream, and restore for another day. Though falling asleep does not come easy to everyone. In fact, nearly 71% of UK adults do not get the recommended hours per night. The reasons vary from waking up and overheating to not switching off.

Why is good sleep important

With technology these days following us from the boardroom to the bedroom it can be hard to allow ourselves to unwind and relax. Which we really must. The benefits of quality sleep are endless. Good shut-eye can boost everything from your immune system, mood, to memory. Of all the things that can help make sure you get it, bedtime is a dreamy place to start. This is where a little natural magic can help, aka a wonder plant called bamboo.

Let’s take a look at how bamboo products (from deliciously soft bedding to thermoregulating duvets) can improve your sleep and get you ready for your most comfortable sleep.

What is Bamboo?

Not heard of bamboo? Or perhaps you have though are still not quite sure exactly what it is and where it comes from? This bit is for you!

Bamboo is a natural plant that grows predominantly in tropical climates such as South-East Asia (where we source ours from sustainable forests) The wonder plant’s super strong fibres can be weaved into the softest bedding, fluffiest duvets and dense Bath towels through careful process, transforming the plant into a fabric softer than Egyptian cotton.

There is so much to love about bamboo. Growing up to four feet a day, it is one of the most sustainable resources in the world. And as for sleep? The wonder plant is something of a bedtime miracle, which is why bamboo products are becoming the go-to for those looking for the best night’s kip.

How can Bamboo improve your sleep?

When it comes to bedtime, bamboo products have been stars on the rise over the last few years. The unique fabric creates the most sumptuously soft bedding, breathable mattresses, and refreshingly, cool pillows. Here’s how the plant’s natural benefits improve your sleep.

Bamboo is beautifully breathable

Tend to overheat during the night? Throwing off the covers only to pull them back on again? You are not alone dear sleeper- this is a common struggle for up to 41% of adults. Bamboo bedding is a breath of fresh air for bedtime. The fabric is naturally thermoregulating, working with your body temperature to keep you at just the right degrees from summer through to winter. The breathable fibres allow you to enjoy a consistent, deeper rest setting you up for brighter mornings.

bamboo hybrid mattress

Bamboo fabric is seriously soft on the skin

The surface you sleep on can play a big role in taking care of your skin. Silky, smooth bamboo glides over your skin for deliciously comfortable bedtimes. Not only does the fabric feel sumptuously soft, the plant’s natural hypoallergenic qualities gently protect againt common allergies like eczema and acne. Bamboo products are ideal for those with sensitive skin and all those looking for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Bamboo fabric is ultra-fresh

With the amount of time we spend in bed, it’s easy for bacteria and odours to build up zapping the freshness out of your sheets and pillows. Bamboo mattresses, pillows, duvets, and bedding are naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and odour-resistant keeping you fresh from lights out til morning.

Bamboo is kind to the planet

Taking care of the environment is a big challenge in today’s world. Our lifestyle choices can make a huge difference. The production of our award-winning range of bamboo bedding, bamboo hybrid mattresses, pillows and kids’ products is eco-friendly from the forest to the front door. Another reason to fall in love with bamboo and sleep sweet and soundly.

‘ Bring home the magic of beautifully, breathable bedtimes!’