How Does The Colour Of Your Bedding Influence Your Mood?

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023 at 03:51 pm

Grey, white, pink or blue? The colours we surround ourselves with can have a big influence on our mood. Understanding the different energy of colours can help you create the right atmosphere for your bedroom. Whether you crave some mood-boosting yellow, tranquil white or peaceful pink, this colour guide will help you pick the best bedding for your mood and sleep.

Does the colour of your bedding really matter?

Ever wonder why certain places leave you feeling relaxed and sleepy or energised for the day? It could be down to the colour. Colour plays a big part in setting the mood and aesthetic of a room. When it comes to bedtime, the colour of your bedding can help create the right atmosphere in your bedroom to promote rest and relaxation to give you the very best night’s sleep.

What is the best colour of bedding for feeling sleepy?

The best colour of bedding for feeling sleepy is blue. Studies have shown that blue is a calming colour that can help promote feelings of relaxation and drowsiness, making it a great choice for bedding. According to experts, blue is a non-stimulating colour that helps you produce more melatonin and less cortisol. This could be the reason many of us feel relaxed and at ease by water. While you may not live by the sea, with navy blue bedding you can channel that tranquil ocean magic into bedtime for a relaxed, peaceful slumber.

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What is the best colour of bedding for feeling calm?

Choosing calming colours for your bedding is a great way to associate your bedroom with unwinding. So what is best to create that zen-like feeling and help you leave the day behind? Pink complete bedding set will set up your dream sanctuary. Not only is pink soft, gentle, and pretty… It is close to the colour of our skin which in Feng Shui is associated with creating a sense of calm. When it comes to bedding that will help harness your inner zen- think pink!

What is the best colour of bedding for feeling cheerful?

The best colour of bedding for feeling cheerful is yellow. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness and positivity, making you feel uplifted and energised. Looking to create a bedroom to boost your mojo? Yellow stimulates the release of serotonin. Yellow bedding will have you drifting off with a big smile and wake-up shining.


What is the best colour of bedding for comfort?

The best colour of bedding for comfort is white. Who can resist the sumptuous, crisp white bedding of a five-star hotel? There’s a reason many top hotels choose neutral white to set the scene for bedtime. White bedding is associated with cleanliness and purity, and it creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the bedroom. White bed sheets are timeless, plus they go with everything another reason we all love them.

What is the best colour for feeling balanced?

Striving to achieve that perfect work/life balance? Your bedding might be able to help. Neutral grey has been known to promote stillness and balance. If you want your bedroom to create a space of calm to help you feel grounded, grey bedsheets could be just what you need to step out of the chaos and relax.

What is the best colour bedding for feeling energised?

The best colour of bedding for feeling energized is orange. If you would rather your bedroom invoke a sense of energy and vibrancy, orange bedding will have you ready to go. Orange is the colour associated with enthusiasm and optimism, which can have a positive effect on your mood. If you are looking to embrace some orange into your bedroom it could be best to choose cushions or throws and mix them with a more tranquil colour. This will help keep your bedroom calm and relaxed for sleep while still enjoying a splash of bright, happy colour for your mood.

How do you choose the best colour of bedding for your bedroom?

With the wide collection of colours available, choosing the right bedsheets for your bedroom can seem like a challenge. Though choosing from the rainbow of options can be fun. Try and let it be intuitive, start to pay attention to what colours you are naturally drawn to and how they affect your mood. Knowing the energy you wish to create in your bedroom will help guide you towards the right choice. When it comes to sleep and bedtime, we are all different and while some months you may be in the mood for soft, gentle pink, others you may need the balance of grey. Choose the colours that make your personal space a place you can relax, unwind and love to be.

And if you are really stuck on a choice, remember, you can never go wrong with white. Because when it comes to a good night’s sleep, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple!

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