Planet-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart, Bestie (and you)

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:24 pm

The best thing about February? It is officially the month of love. Whether you are single or freshly partnered up Valentine’s Day is something we can all celebrate.

Whoever you choose to send love to this year, this planet-friendly Valentine’s day gift guide has something for everyone. From fluffy duvets for cosy nights in, stylish bath towels for perfect pampering to a simple message that never gets old… Dive in and spread the love.

Valentine’s gifts for your sweetheart

They know just how you like your tea, how to calm you down when you’re feeling stressed and a million ways to make you smile. Valentine’s day is perfect for saying a big thank you for all the little things. Finding the right valentine’s gift for your sweetheart need not be hard, here are a few ideas.

The perfect Bamboo Duvet

A fluffy bamboo duvet will wrap them up in love. The thermoregulating, soft hypoallergenic fabric is ideal for snuggly nights on the sofa. Plus, a bamboo duvet is a great choice for the planet. Not only will it last for years to come, but bamboo is also one of the world’s most sustainable resources. The dreamiest way to show your partner and the planet some love.

A delicious meal

Valentine’s day is perfect for making sweet memories. Why not book a table and try a vegan restaurant, enjoy a night at the movies or take a romantic walk? All planet-friendly ways to spend some quality time together. Classic, simple and timeless- just like love.

Fresh flowers

Love is all about the senses. Why not treat their cute little noses to something that smells wonderful? Fresh flowers make the most romantic planet-friendly choice. Who can resist a bouquet of fresh roses? Shopping with local businesses that are eco-friendly will help take care of the planet while making your sweetheart smile.

couple laying on a hybrid bamboo pillow

Valentine’s gifts for your friends

Imagine life without your friends. Those magical humans who are always there when you need them whether for a hug, giggle or ice cream. Valentine’s day is a great time to show appreciation for the great friends that get you through the year. Stuck for ideas? Here are some planet-friendly gifts that will make them smile.

A Hybrid Pillow to keep them rested

Making sure your besties stay well-rested will keep them at their best. Why not treat them to a bedtime upgrade with a beautifully breathable Hybrid Bamboo Pillow? The planet-friendly pillow will help them get some early nights and make the most of their weekend lie-ins.

An eco-friendly shopping trip

Spending time with friends is something we could all do more of! Why not use this Valentine’s Day to book some quality time together? Browsing some eco-friendly shops or taking a trip to some local markets is a great way to spend the day. There is nothing sweeter than making happy memories.

Sweet – Scented candles

Treat your bestie to the art of relaxation this Valentine’s Day with some gorgeous scented candles. The perfect end to a day of shopping? Flopping on the sofa with a pretty glow. Choose small, sustainable brands to keep your gift planet-friendly.

Valentine’s gifts for you

Do not forget one very special person that deserves some love this Valentine’s Day. You! It’s easy to whizz through the year taking care of everyone but yourself. Here are some simple ways to up self-love this February 14th.

100% Bamboo Bedding

Good quality sleep is a top priority when it comes to taking care of your well-being. Get yourself all wrapped up in soft, smooth comfort with planet-loving 100% Bamboo Bedding. The thermoregulating fabric will keep you cosy all winter plus cool on summer nights. Perfect for snuggling into bed with a good book and drifting off for a deep, restorative sleep.

A spa day

Do you take enough ‘me moments’? This Valentine’s Day try and step away from the to-do list and take some you time. Whether it’s a hot chocolate in a local cafe or an indulgent spa day. Don’t feel guilty for taking a moment to restore and refresh and showing yourself some love.

Bamboo Bath Towels and a Bedtime Bundle

And up the pampering! When was the last time you indulged in a soothing bubble bath? This Valentine’s Day why not unwind in the tub, wrap up in the fluffiest, Bamboo Bath Towel, and indulge in the ultimate bedtime bundle from Panda and Cannaray. Relaxing nighttime drops and a silky, smooth bamboo eye mask will melt the day away. Self-love starts with remembering, sometimes you have to put yourself first.

And remember the three magic words

No Valentine’s Day is complete without the three magic words. Whether it comes on a card, a phone call or arrives on the doorstep “I love you” will never grow old. And hearing that will always be the best gift of all.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!