How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

Becoming a parent can be a whirlwind, with so many new things to consider from getting your little one to sleep to finding time to shop! If you are new to being a Mum or Dad, one thing that you will want to learn more about is how to take care of your baby’s skin, the good news is with a few tips you will be well on your way to being a pro.

Baby skin is incredibly delicate so knowing the right fabrics and products will help keep it soft, comfortable and protected. Pour yourself a cuppa and have a read of these easy ways to take care of your little one’s skin.

1 . Wrap them up in bamboo magic

From baby muslins cloth to bedding, the fabrics that touch your little one’s skin need to be soft, soothing and prevent irritation. If you haven’t already heard much about bamboo, it could be time to find out more about the wonder plant and why it is ideal for little pandas. Bamboo baby muslins and bedding products are naturally hypoallergenic, beautifully soft and anti-bacterial keeping baby skin calm and safe. From swaddling to cuddles, you can rest assured with bamboo you’ll be wrapping them up in magic.

2. Avoid diaper rash

If your little one starts to get red, sore skin around the diaper area it is most likely from diaper rash. Don’t worry this can be quite common with newborns and is easy to avoid when you know how. The key is to make sure the diaper area gets enough air, making the diaper too tight can cause irritation. Also changing the diaper as soon as it gets wet will help keep them comfortable and avoid any tantrums. If your baby’s skin is super sensitive, a bamboo baby muslin can also be used as a diaper.

The fabric is naturally gentle. Also watch out for the brand of baby wipes you are using, making sure they are as natural as possible will help. If diaper rash does pop up, a warm cloth and GP approved cream can help to calm things down.

3. Wash wisely

Another culprit of skin rashes can be laundry detergent, everything that comes into contact with your baby’ s skin should be kind and gentle. What you wash their clothes, blankets and baby muslins in can cause irritation if there are too many toxins in the product.

Doing a bit of research online or asking in store for the kindest detergent for babies will help you find the right way to wash wisely, babies make a lot of mess so it is worth finding a detergent that will take care of their skin so you can keep them snug, happy and clean.

4. Stay safe in the sun

We all love the sunshine though exposing your little one’s skin to the rays can increase the risk of sunburn. Using baby sun cream can help keep them protected as well as umbrellas and baby hats while they are out having fun. Keeping your infant out of the sun as much as possible, especially for the first six months of their life will help ensure their skin stays free from sunburn which is no fun for anyone! If you do find your baby a little red after being outside, cool cloth or speaking to your paediatrician are the best remedies.

5. Keep hydrated

While it is common for babies to have dry patches of skin in their early months, keeping their skin hydrated can help keep them comfortable. Regular baths with natural plant oils can help hydrate and moisturise your little one’s skin without causing irritation. Be careful when you towel dry them not to run too hard and watch out for any reactions they have to fabrics or products to eliminate irritation. Sticking to natural materials like wonderful bamboo can help promote healthy skin development and keep your little cuties smiling.

Taking care of your little one’s skin in today’s world can seem a challenge, though rest assured with these tips you will be well on your way. Wrap them up in magic and enjoy every moment of being a parent!