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Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 10:26 am

Understanding what our stuff is made of can sometimes feel like an endless pursuit of google searches, right? This can be frustrating when we are trying to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices to do our bit for the planet. Switching to bamboo is fast becoming the go-to for doing just that. While all materials come with some form of carbon footprint… opting for those with minimum impact is a step in the right direction. And anyone who has snuggled into bamboo bedding knows… a rather comfy one at that!  Though there are of course a lot of other things to consider when it comes to being eco-friendly, deepening our understanding is a good place to start. Are you new to bamboo and looking to learn a thing or two about the fabrics in your labels? 

Pull up a pue, and have a little read of this. 

What is Bamboo Rayon?

Bamboo rayon is a label you might often see on your bamboo products. This is a fibre used to produce textile fabric, originating from bamboo. There are many reasons why bamboo is becoming the superstar of home-ware, most importantly as it is the fastest growing resource in the world. When it comes to keeping up with our demanding lifestyles, ethical brands have to look for resources that are sustainable with minimum impact on our environment. Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in the world, relying on a third less water than cotton and surviving on little more than land and sunshine. The comfort and quality of the fabric are also proving increasingly popular to anyone looking for planet-conscious luxury.

How is Bamboo rayon produced?

Good question. Firstly, understand that bamboo has been used for making way more than snuggly homeware. Yep – even floors (though that’s a whole other story) In order to create luxuriously soft bedding, the fabric needed softening. The production of rayon fibre is one of the most innovative developments in the textile industry. The fabric can be used as an eco-friendly alternative for many of your favourite products from silky, soft bedding to cuddly duvets. Though for brands like Panda, sustainable comfort extends beyond finding the perfect materials.

Let’s get onto a little bit more about how our bamboo is environmentally friendly.

How is our Bamboo environmentally friendly?

Taking care of our planet can feel overwhelming, which is the position many brands and consumers find themselves in today’s world. Where do we start? Everything from what we brush our teeth to what sleep in can make a difference. While choosing sustainable resources like bamboo for bedding at home is a kind move for a greener future, what other things should we be asking to help us be sleeping, heroes?  Like what are your products packaged in and how are they disposed of?  

Here is a bit more about our planet-friendly production

Panda takes responsibility for every step of the production process from forest to doorstep. Not only do we ensure our bamboo is grown with no nasty chemicals and our harvesting is vegan friendly… The bamboo we use is grown in specially designated, sustainable forests (so this doesn’t endanger our Giant Panda’s habitat in any way). The Forest Stewardship Council monitors the farming process so that new bamboo shoots can grow and the forest can quickly be replenished.

Our bamboo is soaked in a solution (which is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and follows global organic textile standards) in a closed-loop process, meaning there’s minimal waste and production is environmentally friendly. The solution breaks down the bamboo fibre, and the resulting pulp is taken out and hung to dry in thin sheets.

These sheets are then milled into the fluffy material to create yarn to make your wonderful comfy bedding and homeware. Our bedding range in different sizes is made entirely out of this yarn and so are the covers for our memory foam toppers and pillows. 

What about delivery?

All of our packagings is recyclable and biodegradable using acid-free tissue paper. How’s that for a planet high-five… did you know in 2017 the UK threw away over 7 million mattresses? The vast majority of them went to landfills. Our circle of life initiative is inspired by the global environment nightmare… As at Panda, it’s sweet dreams we are after. This is why, after their long use, we come and collect your mattress toppers for free, ensuring they go on to be recycled to make other great things. Like sofas, or cushions. We want our products to be luxury you can feel good about, and with that in mind!

Want to know a few more things you might love about the fabric?

The benefits of Bamboo

Here are a few of the wonderful benefits of our bamboo

So, so, soooo soft… Is there anything better than wriggling into soft bedding and finding that perfect comfort spot? Bamboo bedding turns bedtime into the best time!

Coolest fibre on the block- If you like to keep things cool while you sleep, snuggle up to bamboo bedding! Being naturally thermo-regulating makes it a firm favorite for those who overheat at night. Goodbye night sweats.

Easy- peasy to wash-  Hello fresh, clean, bed sheets. The bamboo fibre is machine washable so easy – peasy to keep sparkling clean.

It lasts and lasts and lasts … Ok, you get the point. Though another high five to the planet is the durability of the fabric. When you get comfy bedding you want it to last a really long time. That makes for happy snoozing and a happy planet.

Making small efforts to educate ourselves on being more eco-friendly, all add up to a big change for the world. Choosing ethical brands and resources for our lifestyle essentials is a natural place to start. Together we can eat, brush and snooze our way to a greener future!

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