Discover Everything You Need to Know About our Bamboo Baby Muslins

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:58 pm

Baby Muslins are hailed as every Parent’s lifeline, though the first question you might ask is “what on earth are they?” This blog covers everything you need to know about baby muslins, from what they’re made of to all the handy things they can be used for. And who better to share the magic of baby muslins than our own in-house Parents? Jelena, Jackie, and Tommy have experienced the burps, mess, and joy of raising their own little Pandas. They give their top tips on everything from swaddling to playtime and share why every Parent needs a pack of our bamboo baby muslins in their handbag. 

So, what are bamboo baby muslins?

Muslins are squares of durable fabric that can be used by new parents for nearly everything! We will get onto the finer details next. They come in a variety of materials from breathable, bamboo too cotton. Here at Panda we believe  the more natural, the better. They are super easy to keep clean (ours even get softer with every wash) You will notice they come in different sizes.  The larger muslin’s are perfect for swaddling your baby to sleep, as young Mum Jelena discovered:

“My baby moved his arms and legs way too much which prevented him from falling asleep. But when I wrapped him like a burrito in a Bamboo Muslin he calmed down and drifted off every time.”

Panda Baby Muslins London Collection

What are baby muslins used for?

Now for those details! What exactly can baby muslins be used for? You will be pleased to know- quite a lot. Let’s dive in.

Spillages – First up lets talk about mess. As one thing’s for sure babies sure make a lot of that (though they are so cute, who cares?)

Smaller Muslin’s are perfect for mopping up dribbles and any other spillages your little one might make. Pop one on your shoulder when they are teething or have one handy when you are feeding and be ready for any unexpected burps!

Peek-A-Bamboo – Babies love seeing new patterns and hearing new sounds, which is why a Panda bamboo muslin will be their new best friend.  Our cute-as-a-button designs are perfect for playtime, providing gentle sensory stimulation as they take in the exciting new world. Peek-a-bamboo is a firm favourite! As Tommy says:

“my little one loved exploring and baby muslins kept mummy’s tummy time clean while she had lots of fun”

Comforter – Soft, gentle baby muslins are ideal for soothing your little one when they get distressed, from stroking them at story time or easing them into a nap bamboo baby muslin’s are the ultimate gentle comforter. 

Make – shift – bib –  Keep tea time tidy!  Baby Muslins make great bibs whether you are on the go or at home. The super absorbent, durable fabric will catch anything they miss and make feeding time heaps more fun. As Jackie whose Pandas are now all grown up says:

“baby muslins were my go-to item.  I used them for the burping, cleaning up, as a bib, and even keeping the sun off their little faces in the pram”

Use your imagination- It seems when it comes to baby muslins the possibilities are endless, the only thing you need to do is make sure you have enough! As you get to know each other you will discover your own super handy ways your muslins can help you as a parent. 

Freckles Swaddle Baby Muslin Hanging

What to look for in a Baby Muslin

Shopping for Baby Muslins for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to look for.  Every parent wants to take care of their little one’s precious skin and needs Muslins that will keep up with the busy life of being a parent. Choose squares that are soft and gentle for swaddling and snuggles. You won’t get much softer than 100% Bamboo. The natural, hypoallergenic fabric is temperature intuitive which will cool, calm and comfort your little one as they grow, wiggle, and learn. You will be using your muslins a lot, so make sure they are machine washable and the fabric stays soft. One reason parents love Bamboo is it gets softer with every wash, keeping cuddles and playtime gentle and cosy. And of course, make sure you choose some patterns that they will love, our adorable collection has plenty to choose from!

Being a parent will change your life forever. There will be challenges and lots to learn, though, with the love in your heart and a cute pack of baby muslins in your handbag, there is nothing you cannot handle. 

Enjoy every precious moment with your little Panda.