Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Mum Feel Special

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Mums are unique, each one wonderful in their own special way. Though one thing they tend to have in common is… They never stop! From school runs to home-cooked meals and everything in between, they could sure do with putting their feet up. Why not treat them to a good dose of rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day? Here are some beautiful Mother’s Day gift ideas to help them unwind in style.

What are the best gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day?

Never mind flowers and chocolates; here are some unique gifts to give Mum the sweetest Mother’s Day.

Surprise her with Brunch

To start the day off right, give her a break from making breakfast and put together something she will love. Creating a delicious, homemade brunch for her to wake up to doesn’t take a lot. Grab her favourite juice, a few yoghurts, whip up some eggs on fresh sourdough and voila- you will have a spread to delight. Don’t fancy cooking? Book a table at a local hot spot and enjoy being catered to, followed by a gentle stroll and some quality mummy time.

Upgrade her bedtime

You can’t go wrong with bedtime treats to be sure she gets the very best rest. Make her weekend lie-ins perfect with a gorgeously soft and breathable 100% bamboo bedding set. Available in dreamy pink, midnight blue, grey, or white, the naturally thermoregulating fabric will keep her wrapped up and sleeping soundly for the cosiest winters and freshest summer nights. Mums need their beauty sleep, and they deserve a bit of luxury.

Make bath-time paradise

Speaking of luxury, put the ‘pamper’ into her bath time with some simple, fluffy touches. Bamboo bath towels are the most comforting way to get wrapped up after unwinding in the tub. Cosy, plush and stylish- bamboo fibres are ultra-absorbent and durable making bath time bliss. Plus, these towels get softer with every wash. And to turn the whole bathroom into paradise, a bamboo bath rug will keep her feet nice and snug while she dries off and prepares herself for a snuggly night on the sofa.

Create the perfect movie night

Pretty woman? Shirley Valentine? Pride and Prejudice? Skip the movie cues and uncomfortable seats and create the comfiest movie night at home. Pop the popcorn, grab the duvet and get comfy. Mum gets to pick, of course; having a home movie night is a great way to spend some quality time together and let her relax. The best bit about staying at home? You get to press pause to top up the tea and chat through half the film without getting told off. Bring on the popcorn, get cosy and settle into the perfect night in.

Happy girl laying on a Hybrid Bamboo Pillow with a bamboo cloud duvet

How can you make your Mum feel super special this Mother’s Day?

This year, you want to make your Mum feel like the special superstar she is. While all these gift ideas are great ways to help her relax and feel pampered, there is no greater gift you can give her than your time. However, you choose to spend the day, as long as you are together she will love every moment.

And here are a few extra tips to make it a day to remember;

Enjoy some ‘screen-free’ time

We are all so preoccupied with checking our phones and laptops for emails, social media updates and endless group chats. This Mother’s Day try and enjoy some time away from technology so you can be present and make the most of each other’s precious company.

Do the little things

Make the tea, arrange dinner, write that card… Quite often, the simple, small things can make Mum feel the most relaxed and special. That morning cuppa in bed and running her evening bath are easy ways to put a big, relaxed smile on her face.

Tell her the magic words

Mums never get tired of hearing the magic words, and Mother’s Day is ideal for saying them loud and proud. Telling Mum you love her is the gift that keeps on giving… best served with a big hug (and scrumptious bamboo bedding)

What did you get Mum?

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Have a wonderful day!