The 2024 Sleep Wellness Trends You Need To Know About

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2024 to up your sleeping game? Great, this one’s for you. Firstly, you will be pleased to know 2024 is all about investing in better sleeping habits, which makes total sense to us… As you know, relaxation is the ultimate luxury.

Sleeping better sounds far easier than it is for a lot of us with full-on careers, demanding children and hanging on to the crumbling desire to socialise. No one knows this better than supermodel and Mum Rose Mahon, our well-being and beauty expert. Her mantra is “Sleep is the best beauty product”, and has pretty plans herself this year to prioritise bedtime. So here is our round-up of the wellness trends you want to get on board with to sleep yourself fabulous this year.

Sleep tourism

The first stop on our round-up takes us to paradise; in 2024, sleep tourism is a thing. A very big thing actually, is that top resorts all around the world are opening their doors with tempting packages to help their clients switch off and become more mindful about their sleep. Skyscanner has revealed over a third of tourists have sleep at the top of their agenda when it comes to travel. What should one expect on a sleep retreat? You can choose between walking holidays and coastal trips to indulgent spas where you’ll be immersed in nature, learn relaxation techniques and slow down from the go-go-go of modern life. Sound dreamy? Rose also recommends “checking into a local hotel or treating yourself to a retreat at home with a tech break and plenty of rest and quality time with your family” It Certainly sounds like a cheaper option, with many of these luxury retreats costing well into the thousands. While a good night’s sleep is worth travelling far and wide for, getting yourself up to enjoy it at home will make every day feel like paradise.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Do you find you coast through the day in fight-or-flight mode? Caffiened up and ready for the next work email or situation you will have to deal with? This fills you with adrenaline and can make it very hard to switch off and relax come the end of the day. Try the hashtag #vagusnervestimulation, and you could find the solution to counteract this response and return to a calm place. When stimulated with deep breathing or even humming, the vagus nerve triggers the sympathetic nervous system and returns you to a restorative state. Yoga teachers and mindfulness practitioners are championing this as one of the top wellness trends for 2024; Rose says, “Doing yoga or taking a nap on the sofa with my Bamboo Eye Mask, focusing on my breathing helps me to tap into that peaceful, restful state when I feel myself getting stressed” Experimenting with your own ways to access that peace is a vital way of nurturing yourself, especially before bedtime to set yourself up for a restorative, deeper sleep.

Immersive ASMR

Immersive ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a deeply engaging and multi-sensory form of ASMR that aims to create a more enveloping, all-around sensory experience. Sounds complicated? Nope, it’s actually a thoroughly gentle way to relax, set to be very popular in 2024. It involves listening to people speaking softly into a microphone, whether explaining the sleepy benefits of a new pillow or telling a bedtime story. In 2024, you will see a lot of sleep tech to make this experience more immersive with virtual reality goggles and other devices. It is a good thing to do before bedtime as a way to unwind and switch off from the day. Rose says she “enjoys listening to a podcast, often something funny and lighthearted or reflective and would consider experimenting with softer, quieter voices as a way to drift off” Find what works for you and where you can fit unwinding and relaxing into your daily routine.

Sauna blankets

As we navigate through 2024, the spotlight in the wellness industry is brightly shining on sauna blankets, transforming everyday relaxation practices with a sprinkle of spa luxury. This year, the boundaries of spa-like pampering are being redefined, making its way into the comfort of our homes with the rising popularity of sauna blankets. These innovative wellness tools are not just about basking in warmth; they’re backed by promising benefits that extend far beyond mere relaxation.

Research suggests that regular sauna use can significantly reduce stress, potentially bolstering the body’s immunity. The deep, penetrating heat from these sauna blankets relax muscles, easing tension and soreness, which is particularly beneficial after a long day or a strenuous workout session. But the advantages don’t stop there; there’s growing interest in the potential of sauna blankets to enhance sleep quality. By facilitating deep relaxation before bedtime, they may help users fall asleep more quickly and achieve a more restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Sleep hygiene at home

While the wellness trends of 2024 could take you worldwide into virtual spaces and beyond, home is where you will spend the lion’s share of your bedtimes. Investing in good sleep hygiene at home is a big deal in 2024, so where should we start?

Firstly, make your sleeping set-up as comfortable as possible. Make sure you have a mattress that provides orthopaedic support for healthy alignment and hits the spot when it comes to a balance of firmness and cushioning – as we all like something different.

Do you tend to overheat? Make sure that come Summertime, you will be set up to breeze through the night with thermoregulating, breathable bedding. A Bamboo Bedding Set and duvet are great buys for 2024 for a good night’s sleep; the fabric naturally regulates your body temperature and is soft and gentle on the skin, making it a joy to snuggle into bed.

If you will be travelling this year, have a pillow you love so much you’ll want to take it. A good pillow is essential for a comfy night’s sleep. Orthopaedic-grade memory foam will keep your neck and spine happy and contour to all sleeping positions. Our Hybrid Bamboo Pillow balances firm support with gentle cushioning wrapped in our signature, smooth bamboo. You will be all set for a dreamy night’s sleep wherever 2024 takes you.


Heading into 2024, prioritising sleep becomes essential for our well-being. Imagine embarking on sleep-focused vacations introducing you to serene retreats to enhance your rest. At home, transforming your bedroom with supportive pillows, breathable bedding, and a cosy mattress can elevate your sleep. Consider the stress-relieving wonders of a sauna blanket, bringing the spa’s relaxation into your own space. Establishing a calming nightly routine helps transition your mind and body from the day’s hustle to the peace of the night. This year, let’s commit to not just dreaming about improved sleep but actively pursuing it to rejuvenate our nights and enrich our days.

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