5 Sweet Ways to Show Someone You Care on Valentine’s Day

Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 10:39 am

‘It’s the little things that leave the biggest imprint on our hearts’

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and if you’re pondering how to show your sweetheart you care this year, you’re in the right spot. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with trying to find the perfect Valentine’s gift, from sparkling rings to cheesy chocolates, though there are some simple ways to show you care from the heart. Giving isn’t always about the biggest bunch of flowers or the most extravagant surprise. Sometimes it’s the smaller tokens of affection that make Valentine’s special. Here are five sweet ways to spread the love this year.

1) Tell them in a letter

We all know actions speak louder than words, though, on Valentine’s Day, words matter. They perfectly express how much someone means to you from an honest, grateful place. Your heart. Tap into all the reasons your loved one matters, the things that make them special, and the little ways they improve your life. Pour it all into a letter; it doesn’t have to be a flashy card. A simple, fresh page filled with love will show your partner how much they truly mean to you without all the fluff. Of course, if you want to add something fluffy, Panda has plenty of snuggly Valentine’s gifts. 

2) Cook their favourite meal

Whether it’s a spicy curry or a good old roast, whipping up your loved one’s favorite meal is a thoughtful way to show you care. And don’t worry if you’re not the best cook; the effort counts. Maybe keep Deliveroo on standby! Putting in the time to create something you know they like adds a personal touch to Valentine’s Day that’s sometimes lost in perfume or candles. Though they make nice finishing touches, adding something straight from the heart (or the kitchen) will make this year one to remember and is a great way to enjoy some special time together.

3) Snuggle up with a movie

Let everyone busy themselves booking the fanciest cocktail bars in town. There is a snuggly way to spend Valentine’s day this year that doesn’t need a reservation. On the couch with some yummy snacks and a good movie. Turn your living room into a romantic cinema, grab your duvet, and get all wrapped up in love. And, of course, it’s their turn to pick. Even if that does mean watching something you’ve seen a million times, these, my friends, are what we do for love. Staying home with a movie means quality time together, and that’s what Valentine’s day is all about.

4) Treat them to something cosy

Panda Valentines Day Bundle product image

Valentine’s Day is for cuddles and getting cosy. Which is why if you’re looking to treat your loved one to something special, a snuggle bundle from Panda is perfect. Full of bedtime goodies to keep them (and you) cosy and snug all year. Choosing gifts with a personal touch makes Valentine’s day all the more meaningful. It’s also showing a bit of love for the planet by giving something that will last long beyond February. Mindful gifting will not only keep your partner cosy but also go a bit further toward making the world a better place. How’s that for spreading love?

5) Be there for them

Life can be tricky, full of ups and downs and everything in between. While Valentine’s Day is a nice way to celebrate each other with something special, it’s consistency that matters. So even if you do forget flowers and to write that card, simply being there is what’s important. Being kind to each other and creating happy memories is what love is really all about. If you are looking to do one thing to make Valentine’s Day special this year, let your loved ones know that you are there for them. Whether it’s a meal-out or night on the sofa doesn’t really matter, love is in the simple things. Enjoy every moment.