Unusual Ways to Keep Your Bamboo Bedding Clean

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:09 pm

Is there anything better than diving into fresh bamboo bed sheets? Not really. Though keeping your bedding sparkling clean can feel like a lot of upkeep, and presides spinning them too many times is not great for the environment. The good news is that there are some surprisingly easy ways to keep bedtime fresh without much effort. Here are some unusual ways to take care of your bamboo bedding and enjoy clean, fresh sheets without the washing machine.

1) Do you shower before bed?

Let’s face it: sometimes, drumming up the energy to jump in the shower can be tough by the end of the day. It’s tempting to leave it till the morning and roll straight into bed. Enjoying a hot, steamy shower before bed is not only great for your kip, as it lowers your body temperature. Washing away the sweat and bacteria from the day can help keep your bedding clean and comfortable. Although bamboo bedding is naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking, making sure your skin is nice and clean before getting into bed can help keep it feeling fresher for longer. It is also a perfect way to soothe the skin, relax and get set up for a deep, restorative, sparkling snooze.

P.S. Dry off with our naturally hypoallergenic, fluffy bamboo bath towels and make that end-of-day shower something to really look forward to.

2) How clean are your PJs?

Aside from bacteria on the skin, another culprit of dirty sheets could be your PJs. If you tend to chill out in your jim-jams for an hour before bed, it’s easy to acquire crumbs and other potential allergens to take to the bedroom. Regularly washing your PJs with your other clothes will help you feel fresh when you climb into bed and stop your luxurious bamboo bed set from picking up any odours. Wearing breathable PJs made from natural fabrics like bamboo can help keep bedtime fresh. They can help prevent sweating and overheating throughout the night, leading to sticky sheets over time.

3) Do you moisturise naturally?

If you love rubbing in some skin-loving moisturiser before bed, indulge away. Though make sure you choose your moisturisers carefully. Natural ingredients are far more bedtime friendly. Many oils and lotions can contain chemicals that make your bedding sticky and uncomfortable. Not only are natural products better for keeping bedtime fresh and the environment, but they are also far healthier for your skin. Our bamboo bed sets are organic and chemical-free, making sure you keep your moisturisers too will keep bedtime wonderfully natural.

4) How fresh is your mattress?

While you may not think your mattress needs cleaning, especially if you have our anti-bacterial, highly breathable hybrid bamboo mattress – actually a refresh once in a while can do bedtime a world of good. Our mattress comes with a removable bamboo cover, which can be washed every few months to freshen up your sleep. Wiping down the memory foam every six months can also help to keep bedtime ultra-hygienic. Our waterproof mattress protector will be your new best friend to protect your mattress from spillages. This can preserve the life of your mattress, and you can enjoy those coffees and croissants in bed without worry. Bring on weekend lie-ins.

Vintage Pink Bamboo Cover

5) How often do you wash your hair?

Another way to keep your bamboo bedding fresh, especially those silky, smooth pillowcases, is to make sure you give your hair a regular rinse. Our hair can attract a lot of bacteria from pollution and touching it throughout the day that when we lay our heads down transfers straight into our lovely fresh pillows. Just like your moisturisers, its best to keep your hair products as natural as possible. This stops any chemicals, grease or stickiness from ending up on your pillow. How often you wash your hair depends on your personal preferences and hair type, though bearing this in mind will help keep you and your bedtime feeling super fresh.

Final Tips

Fortunately, a bamboo bed set is the dream for fresh bedtimes. The natural material is thermoregulating, anti-bacterial and odour-resistant. This helps to prevent the sweat from overheating and any icky bacteria that can build up overnight and zap the joy out of your sleep. Another fabulous thing about your bamboo bedding is it gets softer and softer with every wash. So when you do pop it in for a spin bedtime gets even comfier. We do recommend washing your bed set at a planet-friendly 30 degrees and drying naturally if possible. Once a week will do the trick, though if you do miss a wash- by using these tips, you can rest assured your snuggling will stay sparkling.

For full details on how to love your bamboo bedding head over to our wash care page.

Sweet, sparkling, dreams.