Blue Bedroom Ideas you Will Love

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 01:35 pm

Feeling blue? Creating a beautiful blue bedroom could be just the thing to lift your mood. This classic, fresh colour comes in all kinds of shades, and these blue bedroom decor ideas will get you inspired to take a deep dive into the ocean of bedroom design.

What are the benefits of a blue bedroom?

There are a few benefits to having a blue bedroom for your health and style. Blue is a calming and soothing colour that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. It is also associated with feelings of serenity and tranquillity, which can be conducive to a good night’s sleep. Additionally, blue is a versatile colour that can be paired with various other colours and styles, making it a popular choice for interior design. Read on to find out more.

Blue rooms can lower blood pressure

If you are looking to keep your heart and blood pressure healthy, a blue bedroom could be a bright place to start. The calming colour is actually known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress, promoting a calm, peaceful mood. Perhaps the secret to staying chilled is a boudoir makeover away.

Blue can help you sleep

Struggle to drift off? A cosy blue bedding set could help. The soothing colour is great for relaxing at night, which could help promote melatonin production. This will help ease you into a long, peaceful sleep and wake up feeling fresh as the ocean.

Blue is versatile

Depending on what shade you go for (and there are a lot of choices) blue is a wonderfully versatile colour that can be easily styled and blended with some of your existing decors. Powdery blue matches perfectly with white and grey while brighter tones can look great with pinks and greens. When it comes to bedroom design, blue is a colour you can have a lot of fun with. Let’s get started with that design.

How to choose blue bedding?

A good place to start seeing up your new blue oasis is bedtime. Blue bedding can be a simple way to add a splash of blue to your bedroom while you test the colour out. First, think about what shade of blue you prefer. Have a scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to see what shades make you feel most relaxed. It’s important to choose a soft, smooth fabric that will keep you comfortable. Going for a neutral navy blue bedding set gives you room to play around with complimentary shades and will go with plenty of accessories. Bamboo adds a silky, stylish finish to your bed and is a dream to snuggle up in. The natural, breathable fabric is thermoregulation, making it perfect for every season. So you can keep your blue bedroom and sleep nice and fresh from winter to summer.

Bamboo and French Linen Navy

How to accessorise in blue?

Next up, you will want to think about blue bedroom ideas for accessorising. Again, before taking the plunge with painting your room (as blue walls can be a big commitment), there are plenty of ways to dip your toes into the colour without making any drastic changes. Blankets and throws in different shades of blue can add texture and a focus point, whether you drape them over your bed or a chair. Cushions are another easy way to add a touch of colour and keep you comfy (especially if you are working from home) Or perhaps for your ‘something blue’ you go for some colourful artwork. There are some budget and planet-friendly creative shops where you can pick up pre-loved pieces that could be the perfect fit for your blue room. Have some fun shopping around and see what you can find.

Deep Sea Navy 100 Bamboo Bedding

What are the trendiest themes for a blue bedroom?

When you start researching, you will find there are plenty of blue themes to choose from for inspiration. Though to get started here are some trendy and timeless ideas to choose from:

Soothing blues

Combining a blend of light, powdery blues is a popular choice for creating a calming effect. Pale blue bedroom walls can create a serene feel. Many of us look to our bedroom as a quiet, relaxing sanctuary and blue is a beautiful way to create that space.

Sky-high blue

Instead of counting sheep, drift off under a sky of calming blue by painting your ceiling blue. If you want to create a true nighttime effect, add some stars for a shimmery glow. Wrapped up in your bamboo bedding, you will be ready for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Panda London Bamboo Linen Pillowcases In Midnight Navy

Ocean blue

For a refreshing stylish touch, bringing ocean vibes into your bedroom can help you catch calming waves. Be inspired by a seaside paradise for decor ideas from different-shaped shells to floaty, blue curtains. Who needs a vacation when you have the perfect retreat waiting for you at home?

Final Tips

Taking on any DIY project can take time, it’s best to start small and gather plenty of ideas for inspiration before you get started. From dreamy blue bedding sets to starry nights, there are plenty of ways to add a splash of blue to your room and create a bedroom you love.

Have fun, and make sure you share your stylish new look with us @pandalondon.

Sweet dreams.

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