Summer Essentials: Why Every Parent Needs Bamboo Baby Muslins

Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 12:47 pm

The days are getting warmer, the mornings are getting lighter. It can only mean one thing. Summer is coming! If you are a new parent you are probably 1) Exhausted and 2) Excited and looking for ways to make the most of the sunshine with your little one. It can be overwhelming to know where to start with so many changes and new things to plan for though the good news is there are plenty of things you can do to get set up for a fun, easy summer. So how can bamboo baby muslins help? Well… in quite a few ways actually.

Pour yourself a lemonade and have a read of 5 reasons you will be wanting to pop a pack in your handbag this summer!

baby muslins

1. Bamboo Baby Muslins are naturally breathable

Our beautifully soft bamboo is incredibly breathable, the natural fibres zap away moisture and regulate body temperature keeping your little one’s skin dry and comfy. (It works on adult skin too which is why you might want to grab yourself some Bamboo Bedding). Perfect for wrapping them up and keeping your bubba cool for afternoon naps in the park or swaddling them to sleep on summer nights.

2. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic

Baby skin and bamboo fibres are the perfect match! The fabric is super smooth, soft and hypoallergenic, preventing skin irritation from common conditions like eczema and itching. The warmer months mean skin requires a little more TLC, bamboo baby muslins will soothe and reduce any skin rashes or dryness that can come from overheating. So you can mop up any ice-cream spillages and keep that cute smile on their face!

3. They are anti-bacterial

Speaking of spillages, babies come with a lot of mess (it’s part of their charm) though you want to clean it up without making any more! Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so you can mop up any milk or dribble without worrying about nasty bacteria building up which can lead to skin issues. Bamboo baby muslins are also easy-peasy to wash, so pop them in for a spin as much as you need. And guess what- they get softer with every wash! Another reason parents and babies love them.

4.They can be used for everything

Look in every savvy parent’s handbag and you bet you will find some bamboo baby muslins! The versatile, soft cloths can be used for everything from make-shift bibs, and travel blankets to swaddling your baby to sleep. The cute patterns also provide gentle sensory stimulation from touch, sight to feel. This can promote learning and big brains before they can even crawl- they will be the smartest kid in the playpen!

5. They are planet-friendly

You are never too little to be a planet hero! Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world, growing up to 3-4 feet a day. The natural wonder plant is free from toxic chemicals and supports a sustainable, better future! So every time you wipe, swaddle and comfort your baby, smile- when using bamboo baby muslins you are doing something kind for their skin and the planet!

Summer is a time for fun and happiness though as a parent keeping your little one safe and comfortable will always be on your mind. Bamboo baby muslins are a beautifully soft, natural way for you and your little one to enjoy the sunshine!

P.S And the ice-cream.