Eco-Friendly Fun Ideas For Enjoying Time At Home This Winter

Last updated on January 20th, 2023 at 02:16 pm

Spending more time at home and beginning to run out of things to do? Enjoy a scroll of these planet-friendly ideas to make the most of time indoors and keep you and your family entertained.

As the days get colder, shorter and it’s dark by dinner time there’s no better place to be than warm and cosy at home. Though spending more time indoors, especially when you have little ones, can begin to feel as dull as the weather. Looking for inspiration? You are in the right spot. Here are some easy, eco-friendly ways to have fun while keeping cosy at home, sweet home.

1. Get Crafting

Time to get creative! With a little imagination, you can do a bit of your own upcycling whether with tired furniture, clothes or even old bottles. Have a look around the house and see what you can find. All you need to spruce up tired furniture is some fresh paints and a bit of rearranging. Adding a vase of fresh flowers to that old chest of drawers for example? Speaking of vases- about those bottles. Painting old milk or wine bottles and popping one or two of your favourite blooms is a great eco-friendly way to bring a bright splash of nature into your favourite room. Roll up those sleeves and get crafting.

2. Did someone say ‘Duvet Day’?

Cold weather calls for marathon movie days… Whether it’s watching your favourite Disney flicks (hoping the little mermaid is on that list) or getting into the festive spirit with Christmas classics – a fluffy duvet is essential. Duvet days are one of the greatest joys of winter. Keep them eco-friendly with a thermoregulating, bamboo duvet like Panda’s dreamy Cloud. The natural, breathable fabric will keep everyone oh-so-cosy and is perfect for snuggling all year round. For extra brownie points whip up some delicious vegan snacks and enjoy a cosy day together of sofa-surfing all wrapped up and comfy.

bamboo hybrid mattress

3. Bakers at the ready

Love watching the great British bake-off? Why not have your own at home? Whether you love a classic fruit scone, pretty Battenburg, or sweet cherry bake-well the cold weather provides the perfect time to get baking. You can find some delicious vegan recipes to keep your cooking planet-friendly. Cooking together is a great eco-friendly way to make the most of your time at home. And the best bit is pulling your cakes out of the oven and enjoying them together with a cup of tea and your feet up.

4. Picture Perfect

While most of our snaps are stored in the cloud or on social media these days, cosy days at home are great for getting out the old photo albums! From laughing at baby photos, cringe haircuts to reminiscing about the good old days, reflecting on memories are the perfect way to enjoy spending the colder days indoors. Celebrating special moments and the wonderful people in our lives is not only a planet-friendly way to enjoy time at home, but it is also great for giving us a warm glow of gratitude for all we have.

5. The big clean

Keeping our planet as clean as possible is a big challenge that we all need to work together on. Though the home is a good place to start. Doing some research into easy eco-friendly switches on your favourite products can make a big difference. From eco-friendly bedding like bamboo pillows, mattresses, and toppers to cleaning products like washing liquid, there are lots of small swaps that can help keep your home and the environment healthy. Even making an effort to use less water, washing on a lower heat, or snuggling up with blankets instead of turning up the heating can help take better care of our world. Over tea and those baked cakes, make a list of ways to be more eco-friendly at home and enjoy spending time together while making our planet smile.

With the precious winter months we get to spend at home, these eco-friendly ideas will help make the world a better place while making the most of your time together. One cosy day at a time.

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