Why are Bamboo Sleep Products Great for Kids?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 04:24 pm

As parents, ensuring babies and toddlers’ healthy growth and development is a top priority. Choosing gentle, breathable fabrics for their skin is one of the best things you can do to protect against allergies and irritation, especially at bedtime. Read on to discover why bamboo makes a great choice to keep them cosy and sleeping comfortably.

What is bamboo?

Mums and Dads deserve a medal. Keeping little ones protected from the tops of their tiny heads to cute little toes is exhausting. The good news is bamboo sleep products can help. New to bamboo? The wonder plant grows in tropical forests, predominantly in South East Asia relying on little more than sunshine and water to grow. The versatile plant is being used to produce many of the products we use in our homes and has been hailed as the trending fabric of the 21st Century. And it’s no wonder. It hosts many amazing benefits, some of which make it perfect for creating snuggly, soft and skin-friendly sleep products for kids.

Why should children sleep on bamboo?

When it comes to bedtime, keeping children’s skin comfortable will help them drift off sooner and prevent waking in the night. Here are some common questions parents have about why children should sleep on bamboo.

Is bamboo hypoallergenic?

Children’s skin can be very delicate, when it comes to their bedding, duvet, and clothes you want to make sure they are made from a fabric that will be kind and gentle. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic which plays a vital role in keeping sensitive kids’ skin healthy and comfortable. Irritation can keep them up at night and prevent them from going to sleep, the natural fabric will soothe skin so they drift off wrapped in comfort.

Does bamboo keep kids cool at night?

Another reason parents love this bedding is the fabric is naturally thermoregulating. It will keep kids cool in the hot summer nights and cosy in the winter, reacting intuitively to their body temperature so they stay at ‘just right’ degrees. Overheating can cause a lot of tears and tantrums, leading to not-so-bright mornings. The fabric is beautifully breathable keeping them sleeping soundly all night through.

Are bamboo products non-toxic and safe?

As the plant relies on little more than sunshine and water to grow, the fabric produced is free from nasty pesticides. Provided the production process is chemical-free, the resulting fabric is non-toxic, safe and organic. Look for brands that are OEKO-TEX 100 certified for reassurance they are premium quality, as natural as possible, and eco-friendly. Our production process is eco-friendly from forest to the front door and our award-winning products are certified to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your comfort, well-being, and taking care of the planet.

Child Smiling Wearing Panda London 100% Bamboo Hooded Towel In White

Does bamboo absorb heat?

The soft, smooth fabric is naturally moisture-wicking, it wicks away heat and moisture to keep children’s skin cool and comfortable. The fabric is also antibacterial and odour-resistant keeping bedtime ultra-fresh. This helps keep little one’s skin healthy, fending off any bacteria and smells that can lead to irritation. They will be comfy and snug from the bedtime story till morning.

What sleep products are made from bamboo?

You can find an abundance of bamboo sleep products to keep your kids all wrapped up and resting in natural comfort. From supportive, breathable pillows to the cosiest duvets.

Here are some of parents’ top picks.

Kids’ Memory Foam Pillows

Bamboo kid’s pillows are a bedtime favourite for many reasons. Not only does third-generation memory foam keep little spines and necks in perfect alignment, but the breathable cover also prevents overheating. It is removable, washable, and gently protects against irritation for healthy, refreshing sleep.

Kids Duvets

A kid’s bamboo duvet is the perfect way to keep children wrapped up and cosy all year round. The thermoregulating fabric can be used for the filling and the cover, feeling light-as-air and soft and fluffy as a cloud for the dreamiest sleep.


Choosing bamboo bedding for kids is ideal for their skin. The breathable sheets will feel soft and smooth while keeping them cool and comfortable throughout the night. There will be no need to change their bedding in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Bamboo bedding is naturally thermoregulating, no matter the season, they will be sleeping soundly and ready for happy mornings.

Baby Muslins

Baby muslins are every parent’s best friend, the larger swaddles make the perfect comforters and blankets to keep them wrapped up and snug at bedtime. The fabric is anti-bacterial, super absorbent, and easy to wash (even getting softer with every wash Opting for an eco-friendly detergent and drying naturally is the best way to take care of your muslins and the planet.

Final Thoughts

You can rest assured, Panda’s kids sleep products will keep bedtime healthy and comfy which can help them settle into a more consistent sleeping pattern. Hoorah!

Good sleep is magic for little ones and parents. However, one of the biggest challenges for new mums and dads is keeping them sleeping throughout the night. Looking for ways to optimise their rest with safe products that are skin-friendly can help. The challenge of getting children into a consistent sleeping routine can take its toll. Over time broken sleep can cause stress and even impact your immune system. Go easy on yourself and try and take naps when you can to stay energised.

With a good night’s kip you and your little cuties will be ready for more fun and cuddles.

Sweet Dreams