Everything you Need to Know About a Hybrid Pillow

Last updated on December 29th, 2023 at 05:34 pm

When it comes to our favourite time of day, AKA – bedtime, we are all looking for ways to make it as comfortable as possible. Give us the fluffiest duvet, the softest bed sheets and of course the very best pillows. Sounds easy, though depending on your sleeping position and whether you are a hot or cold sleeper finding the perfect products for better sleep can be tricky. The good news is there is a solution to deep, restorative rest.

If you are new to hybrid pillows, here are five reasons you might want to make it your next choice and enjoy the sleep you deserve.

1. A hybrid pillow can transform the comfort of your sleep

First things first, when it comes to sleep what matters most is you are comfortable. Super, super comfortable. How can a hybrid pillow help? A hybrid pillow features multi-type fills, one of which is usually memory foam that supports your sleeping position for unique comfort. You want to look for a premium quality memory foam, preferably of orthopaedic grade to ensure you are getting optimum support. While memory foam pillows can sometimes be too firm for some sleepers, a hybrid pillow is indulgently cushioned; achieving the just right balance of head-hugging comfort and support.

2. A hybrid pillow helps promotes alignment

Hybrid pillows, as mentioned, are partly filled with various types of memory foam, infamous for promoting proper alignment of your head, neck and spine while you sleep. Premium foam will prevent stiffness and ensure the highest quality rest. Our Charco-Cell Foam™ uniquely contours to every sleeping position. Our plush BambooCloud™ cover ensures you retain all the benefits of memory foam, though the cushiony feel adds a touch of cloud-like softness, making it a great match for many different types of sleepers.

girl and a dog on a hybrid bamboo pillow

3. Hybrid pillows can keep you cool

If you, like many people worldwide, suffer from overheating throughout the night, a hybrid pillow can help. Look for those that feature cooling technology, like our Hybrid Bamboo pillow. The natural charcoal infusion promotes breathability, while our dreamy,  thermoregulating bamboo cover is soft and soothing on the skin. It’s the perfect landing spot for tired heads.  Our uniquely innovative active O2 micro-pods™ work seamlessly with the Charco-Cell Foam™, further promoting airflow for fresh, breezy nights and brighter mornings.

4. Hybrid pillows will keep bedtime fresh

For the freshest bedtimes, you need a hybrid pillow that is antibacterial, dust mite resistant, moisture wicking and odour resistant. How do you find that? A bit like looking at the ingredients when you go grocery shopping, you need to know what your pillow is made of. A natural fabric like bamboo not only does all the above, it is the kindest choice for the planet. Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources, the incredible fabric maximises hygiene for happy nights without costing the Earth. Making eco-friendly lifestyle choices is something that can be challenging, choosing bamboo for bedtime is another reason to drift off with a smile.

5. Hybrid pillows give you the best of everything

When it comes to pillows, finding the right one can be a bit like dating- exhausting. The good news is a hybrid pillow can give you the best of everything. The support of memory foam, the head-hugging comfort of down plus optimum breathability and hygiene. That’s everything you need for cool, deep sleep. Still not sure?  We offer a 30-night free trial to get to know each other. And like many sleep lovers have discovered, you might just find our Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is the match.