How to Find the Perfect Duvet for Every Season

Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 11:00 am

If you’re looking to stay snuggly and sleep like a log from Spring through to Winter, you need the right duvet. And it’s worth doing your homework. Knowing what is the best duvet for every season and getting the right one will improve your sleep and keep you comfy from lights out till morning. No more sweaty summer nights or winter chills, sounds good right? This is why you’re going to love this handy guide!

Read on to discover all you need to know about how to find the best duvet to keep cosy all year. 

What is The Best Duvet for Spring?

The days are getting brighter, the birds are starting to chirp, it can only mean one thing. Spring is here! The best duvet for spring needs to be warm enough to transition you from the freeze of winter to hotter summer months. While it may be time to put away those bedtime socks, Spring can still be a little chilly at night and early morning so a substantial tog is important, anywhere between 7.5 to 10.5 will keep you cosy without overheating. Spring is all about new beginnings though that doesn’t always have to mean a new duvet. Going for a tog of above 10 will see you through to winter, while breathable materials like Panda’s bamboo cloud duvet will keep you cool, comfy and feeling chirpy all year.

What Is The Best Duvet for Summer?

What Is The Best Duvet for Summer

Snuggled up in winter bedtime is all about the warmest duvet, though come Summer it’s time to cool things down. Especially when it comes to the tog of your duvet, you can consider lowering it to anything from 4-10 depending on the fabric and filling. You want to pick a filling that feels light and airy without being too flimsy, bedtime still needs to be cosy.

Though Summer is the month most struggle with uncomfortable nights of sleep due to overheating. The solution? Thermo-regulating fabrics like bamboo will help keep you cool, naturally reacting to your body temperature. The moisture-wicking, cooling effect of a Bamboo duvet prevents those night sweats and tossing and turning. Better sleep means you can wake up ready to enjoy the sunshine!

What is The Best Duvet For Autumn?

When the leaves turn gold and crunchy and the days get a little shorter, it’s time to turn up the snuggle. Autumn can be a tough time for many sleepers who suffer from S.A.D from less light exposure and change of season. Though the good news is there are plenty of gentle, cosy ways to boost your mood. And having the perfect duvet to wrap up in is one of them. A tog of above 10.5 keeps you snug for days on the sofa and long weekend lay-ins, indulging in comfort is key to enjoying Autumn so choosing soft, natural fabrics will help you relax. Bamboo makes a great choice, the silky, soft fabric glides over your skin while the wonder plants’ hypo-allergenic qualities are perfect if you have allergies or challenging skin conditions like eczema. A cosy duvet will help you ease into Autumn and feel a bit brighter on those darker mornings. 

What is The Best Duvet For Winter?

Mothers Day bamboo duvet

If there is one good thing about Winter, it’s a cosy bedtime! Your duvet has a lot of work to do in the colder months, after all, you will be spending a lot more time together. A tog of anything from 10.5- 13.5 will stop the chills from getting in, and you want a filling that feels substantial enough to keep you insulated which is far healthier than turning the heating up. Winter can be a time when aches and pains start to flare so it’s also good to make sure you have a pillow that keeps your neck and spine aligned. Keeping wrapped up warm will help prevent overnight stiffness and promote better sleep, which is something you definitely need to be getting plenty of in winter. It’s a time to restore, rest and enjoy the magic of the season-best done with a cosy duvet propped up in bed!