How can Your Bedding Improve Your Mood?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 12:52 pm

There is no doubt sleep makes us feel good. From boosting our mood, immunity and overall well-being, it’s amazing what getting our recommended zZZ can do. It turns out your bedding could play a role in influencing your mood too. Read on to find out why and how to find the best bed sheets to relax and drift off with a smile.

Can changing your bedding really improve your mood?

Bedding comes in all kinds of styles, colours and fabrics – choosing the right sheets for you can be exhausting. Though it’s worth doing your research. There are a few ways what you wrap up in can influence your mood, from colour, and comfort to fabric. Your bedroom is a place where you can unwind, restore and indulge in the rest you need to stay at your best. Making sure every little detail is perfect is key, and it could be the most important room in the house when it comes to your mood. Let’s take a look at why.

What is the best colour bedding to give your mood a boost?

The colour of your bedroom decor can make an impact on your well-being. Colour has long been known to affect our emotions, from the calming effects of blues and greens to the more energising yellows and oranges. When it comes to bedtime, your bedding is one of the most personal investments you make. You want to choose a colour that invokes the feeling you most desire. For a good night’s sleep, colours that will make you feel relaxed and calm work best. There’s a reason most hotels go for white – the simple, timeless shade goes with anything and is known for soothing your mood even after the busiest of days. A gentle, pink bedding set can also help get you ready for bed and feel all zen. Find out more about the role colour plays in creating atmosphere here and discover your perfect bedtime shade.

Can the comfort of your bedding affect your mood?

Of all things, bedding should be, sumptuously comfy is number one – especially when it comes to your mood. Sleeping in fabrics that feel scratchy on the skin, make you overheat or do not feel fresh can affect the quality of your kip. Over time, this leads to cranky mornings and zaps the joy out of bedtime. Breathable, soft, smooth bedding can help improve your mood by boosting the quality and duration of your sleep. If you want sheets that have you counting down the hours to bedtime, it could be time to give bamboo a try. The fabric is anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and odour resistant, plus it gets softer and softer with every wash. Another key to keeping your bedding comfy is keeping it clean. There’s a reason we love the feel of fresh sheets, studies show washing your sheets can put you in a better mood. We recommend washing your bamboo bedding at 30 degrees and drying naturally to keep bedtime fresh and comfy.

Woman Smiling In Bed With Panda London 100 Bamboo Bedding Urban Grey

Should you change your bedding with the seasons?

The change of season can affect everything from the time we get up to when we start to feel sleepy. Having the right bedding from winter through to summer can help you optimise your rest and keep you feeling perky. During the hotter months, you will want to wrap up in breathable, light bed sheets, while in winter, you might want something a bit more textured to stay cosy. Bamboo bedding is naturally thermoregulating, so you can stay snuggled up all year round without changing your sheets. The breathable fabric reacts to your body temperature, so come rain or shine, you will stay sleeping soundly. Bamboo and French linen can offer a slightly denser, more textured feel for winter and add a bit of chic, natural style. Both sets are ultra-durable, so you can enjoy plenty of mood-boosting bedtimes, whatever you choose.

How do you choose the best bed sheets for your mood?

Now you know why bedding affects your mood, your probably wondering how you choose the right type for you. This really depends on what colours make you feel most relaxed, the fabrics that are best for your skin and the climate that you live in.

Here are some key factors you want to consider:

Material and thread count

Choosing the right fabric for your skin can make a big difference to the comfort of your sleep. Soft, smooth luxurious fabrics like bamboo offer the same feel as the highest cotton thread count while being far more sustainable and naturally free of toxins and chemicals. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, choosing a material that is kind to your skin will ensure you enjoy irritation-free sleep and brighter mornings.


Your bedroom, your rules. Allow yourself to choose a bedding that matches your style and blends well with the rest of your decor. Enjoying the space you unwind and relax in can boost your mood, so it’s important you style it out in a way that suits you. Whether that’s with cosy pinks, fresh whites or neutral greys when it comes to bedding, go with what channels your unique style and makes you smile.

Texture and breathability

The texture and breathability of your bedding can affect the quality of your kip. If your bed sheets feel good, so will you. Naturally breathable fabrics like bamboo are hypoallergenic, providing a soft, smooth silky feel, while bamboo and linen offer something more textured. What is best for you comes down to your personal preference. Try and experiment with different fabrics until bedtime feels perfect.

Ready for a mood boost?

Our bamboo bedding sets come in a range of dreamy colours, from vintage pink to midnight blue, that offers something for every mood. The sustainable fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin and all those looking for a great night’s sleep. Plus, they come with a 10-year guarantee for years of fresh, comfy bedtimes

As if there is one guaranteed way to wake up happier, it’s a beautifully restorative snooze!

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