How do you Know When it’s Time to Change Your Mattress?

Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Of all bedtime purchases, getting a new mattress is the big one. Let’s face it, it’s a big commitment, as when you find the perfect match, you will spend a whole lot of time together. A good mattress can last you ten years and beyond and make a big difference to the quality of your sleep. Though how do you know when it’s time to make the investment? Here are some of the key questions to ask before you start your search.

Woman Doing Yoga on Bamboo mattress

What is the lifespan of a mattress?

The lifespan of a mattress can vary depending on the quality and materials it is made from. On average, a good one can last between 7 – 10 years. Those made with low-density foams or that enter the ‘lower end’ of the market can lose their comfort and support sooner. If you are looking to upgrade your mattress, go for those made with high-density foams like our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress. Paying slightly more will see a better return on bedtime in the long run. Investing in a good quality mattress is also far better for the environment, reducing the significant amount that ends up in a landfill. The better you take care of it following the guidelines of the provider, the longer it will take care of you and keep you sleeping soundly.

Is your mattress providing comfort and support?

Of all the things your mattress should deliver, optimum comfort and support are top of the list. This is why it can pay dividends to take your time and make sure you find a premium mattress that offers all the essentials you need for a good night’s sleep. Orthopaedic grade foam will help to keep you in alignment, preventing neck and back pain, while naturally thermoregulating fabrics like bamboo will keep sleep cool and fresh. Aside from not loving jumping into bed, here are some signs your mattress might be ready for replacing:

Aches and Pains

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, an uncomfortable mattress could be the culprit. When your mattress loses firmness, it will no longer be providing you with the support you need for a good night’s sleep, and your muscles and joints will feel it the next day.

Tossing and turning

If you are finding yourself tossing and turning more throughout the night to try and get comfortable, it could be time to upgrade your mattress. The perfect mattress should blend a balance of comfort and support to keep you well-rested and wiggle-free from lights out till morning.

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Waking up frequently in the night

An uncomfortable, low-quality mattress can lead to more waking in the night. Especially if it is made from materials that cause overheating like many memory foams. Our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress infuses the support of memory foam with naturally thermoregulating, breathable bamboo to ensure you stay at the perfect temperature for the best quality snoozing.

A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, so if you are nodding your head to any of the above signs – it could be time to start shopping. Over time, putting up with the lack of comfort can lead to sleep deprivation, impacting your well-being from irritability and low mood to a weakened immune system. A good mattress is more than a bedtime treat; it is key to the deep restorative sleep that will keep you happy and healthy.

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Does your mattress support your sleeping position?

Another question you want to consider is whether your mattress supports your sleeping position. Whether you are a front, back, or side sleeper can influence what level of firmness and type of mattress is best for you. A mattress with orthopaedic grade memory foam will naturally contour to every sleeping position, so you can rest assured you will be supported and stay in perfect alignment throughout the night. A mattress that supports your sleeping position will ensure your spine and posture stays healthy so you can stay active and pain-free.

Is your mattress hygienic?

What separates the best from the rest when it comes to mattresses is the materials it is made with. Breathable, natural fabrics are ideal for keeping bedtime clean and fresh. Bamboo is anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and odour resistant, which can help prevent sticky nights, ensuring healthy, hygienic sleep. If your mattress is beginning to have some funky odours, this can zap the joy out of bedtime, and it could be time to freshen things up.

How do you find the best mattress for you?

Ready for an upgrade? It is worth taking your time to make a list of all the things you want in your next mattress. Here are some final things to consider:

  • Your body weight and sleeping position can affect the level of firmness and support you need.

  • If you share a bed with a partner, you want to choose a mattress with effective motion control to ensure smooth, undisturbed nights if they wiggle or take trips to the bathroom.

  • Tend to overheat? Breathable fabrics like bamboo will regulate body temperature, whilst the natural materials’ anti-bacterial qualities will keep bedtime ultra-fresh.

  • Comfort is key. Do you prefer a firm sleeping surface or the cushiony comfort of softer materials?

bamboo hybrid mattress yoga

Our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress combines the best of everything. Breathable BioCell Foam™ regulates body temperature while OrthoAlign Foam™ keeps you in perfect alignment from head to toe. Seven zones of premium pocket springs deliver cushiony comfort to all of your pressure points and isolate the movement of even the most wiggly of partners. A high-density durable base ensures durability that will last for years of perfect bedtimes. As for your old mattress? We will come and collect it and dispose of it responsibly so you can dive into your best-ever sleep without lifting a finger.

To discover if it’s your perfect match, why not try your 100-night-home trial? We are pretty sure by night 99, you will be VERY glad you made that change.

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